Flavour report 2016: Top trends to taste right now

What are UK Pinners eating this year? We asked our Pinsights team to do a little digging and tell us what flavours are heating up on Pinterest in the UK. Here are the top 10 trends to try in the kitchen.

Herbs get creative

Basil (+18%) always belongs in a Caprese salad, but it’s also the new star ingredient in houmous, ice cream and even macarons. 

Coriander (+20%) makes a statement in margaritas and tacos, and also dresses up a chickpea salad.

Tropical twists

Coconut (+20%) gives crunch to crispy chicken and some welcome texture to our smoothie bowls.

Pineapple (+35%) in poke bowls? Yes. Or why not reinvent an old classic with BBC Food's Pineapple upside-down cake?

Sneaky substitutions

Almond milk (+26% since Jan 2016) is the new soya milk. All hail the almond milk flat white.

Coconut flour (+9%) means our Great British Bake Off inspired creations can go gluten-free. We have our eye on this easy 3 minute coconut flour and chocolate mug cake.

Secret weapon spices

Saffron (+20%) turns regular rice into the crown jewel and kicks up a Moroccan couscous. 

Turmeric (+99%) in a chai latte trumps the same old pumpkin spice. We'll be enjoying ours in Deliciously Ella's Tumeric and Lentil soup.

A new spin on sweets

Maple syrup (nearly +20%) takes cue from the US. Adding the 'sweet' to our salty bacon and piled high pancakes.

Sriracha (+25%) is becoming quite the condiment staple. Especially tasty in marinades, sauces and glazes.

Take a look at our 'UK trends to try in the kitchen' for recipes ideas full of flavour...


Hero image: Roasted beetroot, coconut and ginger soup recipe from Waitrose

- Kate Allchin, UK Content & Community Manager, currently planning a trip and pinning to Lisbon