The Pinterest Valentine’s Gift Guide for all types of loves

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, co-worker or even a little something for yourself, Pinterest is where you can discover, save and shop for Valentine’s gift ideas that are sure to sweeten up any of the loves in your life. 

People are increasingly turning to Pinterest to shop the perfect gift with 2.7X as many searches for Valentine’s Day gift ideas than Valentines’ Day decor and 2.2X as many searches for gifts than crafts. Who’s the biggest gift giving searcher? Those with girlfriends — men and women are searching gift ideas for girlfriend, up 572% and higher than gifts for other types of relationships.

Check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for some fun ideas for all the people in your life that won’t disappoint. We’ve compiled top gifts on Pinterest for all kinds of loves — including yourself, based on emerging trends like sustainability, 90s rerun and pet celebrations. 

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