April Insights: Global micro-trends of quarantine life


As people around the world find themselves at home, they’re turning to Pinterest for ideas that might feel small at first, but that add up to the pioneering of new frontiers for many (homeschooling while working, cooking multiple meals a day, cheering on local heroes, and caring for loved ones, to name a few). More than ever before in Pinterest’s history, people are coming to the platform to search, save and send ideas. Pinners across several countries are searching for unique and easy recipes (with bread rising as the clear breadwinner), creative ways to connect with family and community, and supporting small businesses, all without leaving the house. We’re celebrating these acts of inspiration with our Stay safe, stay inspired board, and sharing the latest trends here.

Stay inspired: what’s cooking?

With everyone becoming more and more familiar with their own kitchens, one thing has become clear—Pinners LOVE bread. Around the globe, people are increasingly searching for creative recipes like “no yeast bread” in the UK (searches 38X greater), “damper bread” (+263% in Australia), “Japanese brioche” (+1081% in France), and perhaps most notably, “Navajo bread” in the US (emerging search 350X greater). Other significantly rising searches include “fried sweet fritters” (+2145% in Argentina), “mimosa (flower) cake” (+1408% in Italy), and “healthy gut recipes” (+3900% in Japan).*



How Pinterest is fostering community around the world

As we band together to stay home and flatten the curve, people are using Pinterest to feel more connected to local and global communities.

Games are on the rise!

Face to face interaction may be down, but creativity and family bonding is increasing. Searches for “family games” in Argentina have increased by nearly 5000%, with Spain (+2830%), the UK (+218%), and Mexico (+1291%) also seeing significant spikes*. Top gaming trends include the fishbowl game, spoons and Ripple.

Pinners are also searching for encouraging words such as “spending time with family quotes” (+200% in India), “check on your friends quotes” (+300% in Canada), and “family quotes about strength in hard times” (+1863% in the US). A top quote across the board is “storms make trees take deeper roots.”


Supporting small business

Pinners from several counties are looking for ways to support small businesses. Pins like this one (from GoDaddy) suggest ways to support small—like ordering takeaway or delivery from local restaurants, or taking online fitness classes from local studios. In the UK, searches for “support local businesses” has increased by 11X.  This trending Pin suggests writing positive reviews and signing up for newsletters.


Love and laughs for healthcare workers

In places like the UK, Italy, Spain, and even NYC, people have been giving nightly displays of gratitude by clapping, howling or playing music from their windows and balconies. People are using Pinterest to find the right words to express themselves, with searches for “thank your nurses” emerging in Canada (104X greater), 667% in Germany, and +3902% in Spain. In the U.S., searches for “nurse hero quotes” have started to emerge (108X greater), and nurses themselves are also turning to Pinterest for comic relief and support with “nurse humor” up 56% in India, and “nurse quotes inspirational” up 358% in the UK.


Methodology: All increases throughout this newsletter are calculated using normalised Pinterest searches comparing February ‘20 to March ‘20.