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On Pinterest, people all over the world are searching and saving ideas to make themselves look and feel their best. With over 8 billion beauty ideas and 207 million beauty boards, there’s something for everyone… no matter where you are, what your hairstyle is, or what colour skin tone you have. Read on for some new trends to try (aside from Korean beauty, which is still up 36% globally).

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Make-up must-haves

Japan: Things are getting a bit cheeky in Japan, where women are turning to orange blusher instead of pink (+250%).

Brazil: We all hate wine stains, unless they’re on your lips. Say cheers with wine-coloured lipstick (+93%).

France: Love French films? You’ll fall for their makeup, too. Artistic makeup is up 88% in France.

Argentina: Glitter’s not just for arts and crafts any more. Consider your face a canvas, and add a little extra sparkle to it with glitter make-up (+77%).

Spain: Russian volume eyelash extensions are picking up across the world, but in Spain, the trend is really setting eyes aflutter (+700%).

South Africa: Cat-eye makeup (+131%) is classic, bold and sexy.

Trending eyeshadow colours around the world

Locks to love

US: In the US, it’s no wonder plaits are one of the most coveted hairstyles (+445%). They’re a fun look that can be incorporated into any hair length or texture.  

Germany: Keep it short and chic with pixie cuts (+266%).

France: Buns, buns, buns! Searches for messy buns (+137%) and plaited buns (+272%) continue to rise in France.

UK: French women aren’t the only ones giving buns a try. In the UK, it’s all about side buns (+164%).

Hair colours to dye for

  • Japan: Ash (+68%)
  • Mexico: Red (+222%)
  • Australia: Pink (+46%)

Argentina: Frame your face with flequillo abierto—or open fringe (+150%).

Brazil: In Brazil, more and more Pinners are looking for ways to style box braids (+97%).

Spain: Spanish Pinners are flocking to a luxurious yet relaxed hairstyle called ondas al agua, or waves on the water (+133%).

South Africa: Come on baby, let’s do the twist! Twisted plaits (+70%) are a fun spin on a classic hairstyle.

Talon show

US: You might have heard of ombré hair, but have you heard of ombré nails yet? Create a gradient effect with ombré nails (+88%).

Germany and France: Pinners are updating the classic French manicure with “ baby boomer nails,” up 172% in Germany and 100% in France.

UK: The UK goes bold yet classic with red nails (+90%).

Argentina: File this trend under must-try, because sculpted nails (+74%) are definitely a work of art.

Brazil: Need a DIY project? Create your own nail art with handmade nail stickers (+30%).

Australia: If you can have marble benchtops, why can’t you have marble nails? Searches for marble nails have increased by 31%.

Japan: In Japan, it’s all about keeping things subtle. Searches for nuance nails have increased by 55%.

Spain: Can’t decide what colour to paint your nails? Why choose! In Spain, people are mixing things up by painting each nail with a different colour (+239%).

South Africa: Glitter makeup is huge right now, but don’t let your face have all the fun. In South Africa, glitter nails are up 102%.

Mexico: When it comes to nails, Mexico likes a variety of shades. Nude (68k searches), red (60k searches) and white (52k searches) are the top three nails colours that people have been searching for this year, followed by darker shades of black (43k searches) and blue (38k searches).

Methodology: Trend percent increases are in searches from January 2018 to July 2018 broken out by country.