Celebrate Diwali with Pinterest


As Diwali approaches, millions of people around the world are getting ready to celebrate the five-day “festival of lights” with friends and family by coming together to praise the victory of good over evil and light over darkness, and look forward to new beginnings. 

For those who can’t celebrate Diwali with fireworks and colour-filled streets in India, Pinterest can help you create the magic of Diwali right in your home so you can celebrate with your loved ones, no matter where you are in the world. 

Pinners are planners, which is why people start searching for Diwali-related ideas as early as July. With millions of searches for Diwali and tens of thousands Diwali-related boards, Pinterest has endless ideas for how you can bring this celebration to life. 

Read on to find out how you can create beautiful and unique Diwali festivities at home with the below top trending ideas.

Top countries searching for Diwali:

As Diwali celebrations continue to grow, people all over the world are looking for new ideas on how to make the most of this special festival. Check out the top ten countries that are searching and saving Diwali-related ideas to bring the spirit of the celebration to where they are in the world.

  1. India

  2. US

  3. UK

  4. Canada

  5. Malaysia

  6. South Africa

  7. Australia

  8. Arab Emirates 

  9. Singapore

  10. Indonesia

How to Plan Your Diwali Celebrations

Pinterest can help to make the most of Diwali with inspiration for planning your own festivities at home with friends and family. With Diwali parties (+161%) trending on Pinterest, people are looking for ideas on how to plan gatherings. From Diwali sweets (+134%) to rangoli designs with dots (+306%), Pinterest has ideas to bring Diwali to life in your home.


Diwali Dishes

For Diwali, snacks and sweets are the key players to make your guests happy and feel right at home. With Diwali recipes  (+77%) trending, people are looking for new ways to make their favourite Diwali dishes. Check out these top trending recipes. 

For more recipes, check out our Diwali Sweets & Snacks board

Diwali Decor and Activities

Make your home light up with your decorations. With Diwali decorations for the home (+53%) trending, Pinterest has ideas to give your Diwali celebrations a unique flare. 

For more decor ideas, check out our Diwali Decoration board.

How to Style Your Diwali Festival Look

India is known for lively, colourful outfits matched with detailed and glamorous jewellery. From ruffle lehengas (+523%) to green saree contrast blouses (+1018%), people are turning to Pinterest for inspiration on how to style their look.

Invited to a Diwali celebration, but you’ve never worn a saree? We’re seeing people turning to Pinterest to learn how to drape a saree (Saree draping styles tutorials +1015%).


Bring a pop of colour

This year Pinterest has seen green and yellow stand out as the two top trending colours for what to wear to Diwali celebrations. Check out these sarees you can buy on Pinterest to own this year’s colour choices:

Go Bold with your saree styles

Don’t just make a statement with your colour choice. For Diwali, try these top trending bold and modern saree styles. 

For more saree and lehenga styles, check out our Shop Diwali 2019 Board

Make a statement 

Once you’ve got your outfit ready, be sure to top off your look with makeup and accessories. Check out these top trending beauty styles and must-have accessories to complete your Diwali outfit. 

For more beauty ideas, be sure to check out our Diwali Beauty Board.

Diwali themed searches on Pinterest


Over the next few weeks, people around the world searching for Diwali-related ideas on Pinterest will see the word “Diwali” light up in different colours so that you can feel the spark while you plan, even if you’re browsing Pinterest in dark mode. To see this, go directly to the search bar at the top of your Pinterest home feed and type in “Diwali”, or its different spelling variations including “Deepvali”, “Divali” or “Dipavli”.  

We’re also creating Diwali-related greetings on the platform so that you can send well wishes to friends and family on Pinterest. To find some fun and festive greetings you can send, check out our Happy Diwali Pinterest board. 

Also, look for our curated collections of Diwali content to make it easy to explore some of the latest Diwali inspiration.As you’re searching for Diwali-related ideas, we’ll be surfacing a few of our Pins that will take you to fresh and inspiring Diwali-related ideas. So keep an eye out for Pins from us that say “Get Diwali ideas”, then click on the Pin, and it’ll take you to another page on Pinterest with only Diwali content and suggested search terms to help you plan your Diwali festivities. 


Trends are calculated using normalized searches from Aug ‘18 to Aug ‘19.