December Pinterest insights: Ringing in 2020, planning the perfect (for you) wedding, and tips for helping new mamas


As we move into a new decade, people everywhere are getting ready for what’s sure to be an exciting 2020, at least according to Pinners. From ringing in the New Year to planning the wedding of their dreams, or welcoming new babies into the world, Pinners are here for it all. And while the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year for many, for others, they’re anything but. Whether you’re embracing 2020 with open arms draped in a sequined party dress, or you’re looking for ways to cope, Pinterest has ideas to help you dance or take deep breaths through the holidays as we all move into the twenty-twenties.

New Year, new decade, new ideas

No matter if your plans call for a night out on the town with millions of other party revelers, or you prefer to keep it quietly festive at home, New Year’s Eve invokes feelings of both excitement and reflection. From picking the perfect party outfit to looking for inspiration as we kick off 2020, here’s what Pinners are searching for as we all count down to the start of a new decade: 

Nailing your NYE look

Whether you’re all about the sparkle or like to keep it low-key, finding the perfect outfit is top of mind for Pinners. Searches for New Year's Eve outfits are up +2731% and New Year nail designs are up +129%. Get the look:








Tip: See a style you like, and want to rock the same look? Use Pinterest Lens camera search to take a photo and Pinterest will tell you what it is and where to buy it.

Ringing in 2020

Wondering how to plan a New Year’s Eve party that’ll have your friends and family shouting #goals? Create a Group board and let your friends express which Pins they like best. Want to surprise them all? Keep your board a secret until the big reveal. Pinners are already in party-planning mode — here are some creative ideas for hosting yours:

Planning to go as a guest to the party of the year? Don’t forget the host or hostess gift! Check out our holiday gift guide for inspiration for everyone from the beauty buff to the foodie to the outdoor enthusiast. 

Here comes the bride, all dressed in... a jumpsuit

Pinterest has always been a destination for brides and grooms looking to plan the wedding of their dreams. While the trends change every year, the passion that Pinners put into wedding planning does not. People continue to turn to Pinterest to determine their color schemes (hint: earthy tones are winning: searches for burnt orange are up +2948% and terracotta searches are up +1276%) and to plan budget-friendly weddings. Pinners are also getting creative with what they’re wearing as they walk down the aisle (searches for wedding jumpsuit are up +104%, and mother of the bride suits +242%). Here are all the ways Pinners are leaning into wedding planning as we approach a new decade:



Wedding planning on a budget:

Decor to DIY or shop:

Invites with flair:

Popular colour schemes:

Diverse beauty & style:

Dress (or not) styles:

Tip: Back from your honeymoon and settling into wedded bliss? Use the home feed tuner to fine-tune your feed. Turn off recommendations for wedding topics and start a new board for the new you plus one.

Dear mothers, we've got you covered

Meghan Markle recently sparked a media frenzy when she said that not many people asked how she was doing after giving birth, but instead focused on her newborn. So, for all the new mums in your life, before you ooh and ahh over the new arrival, make sure that you take the time to ask how mum is doing. Here are some more ideas for taking care of a loved one (or yourself!) before and after the little one arrives:



  • Postpartum care +996%: Make sure you’re stocked up on all the things you need during those first few days, or weeks post delivery (padsicles, sitz baths, and body balms, butters and sprays)

  • Postpartum care kit +163%: Perfect for preparing ahead of time or gifting to a loved one 

  • Postpartum freezer meals +44%:  Padsicles aren’t the only things you should freeze ahead of time—pull together some meals you can freeze and easily heat and eat over the next few months (be sure to check out the healthy, slow cooker, breastfeeding, and vegetarian options)

  • Postpartum outfits +409%: Nursing tops, comfy shirts and pants with stretch, Pinners are looking for no-fuss comfy clothes to rock while adjusting to a new schedule—usually sans sleep and often with a fussy wee one. 

  • Postpartum quotes +238%: Words of inspiration and support, reminding you that you are not alone while you navigate this massive life transition.

  • Postpartum depression +214%: Pinners often turn to Pinterest as a starting place to learn more about what this is and find tips/tricks that help through the transition.

At Pinterest we measure the success of our product not just by what people are doing, but by what people are feeling. For many, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but for others, the holidays are anything but wonderful. In October, we announced some new updates to improve how we support our Pinners, especially those who might be struggling with their emotional well-being. Just search for “#pinterestwellbeing” to find resources and activities that should both help you with how you’re feeling, and improve the quality of the inspiration you find on Pinterest.

How trans people are using Pinterest for inspiration

Pinterest has always been a positive place where people can explore the dreams and ideas that will fuel their future selves. So it’s no surprise that since last year, searches for “transgender transition” have increased 3919%³. Pinners are also finding inspiring quotes, artwork, style tips, wellness ideas and representation in the growing number of trans, nonbinary and genderqueer celebrities online. Learn more about how the trans community is using Pinterest here.


¹Unless otherwise denoted, all trends throughout this newsletter were calculated using normalized searches from October ‘18 to October ‘19.

²”Older bride dresses” trend was calculated using normalized searches from September ‘18 to September ‘19.

³Searches for “transgender transition” increased 3919% from May 2018 to August 2019.