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People from around the globe turn to Pinterest every day to discover everything from new statement pieces to seasonal trends – and they’re looking to other cultures, countries and continents for ways to diversify their style.

Today, there are more than 602 million boards on fashion (psst: board sections make it even easier to organise the items and looks you want to bring to life!) and over 21 billion fashion ideas. When it comes to style, Pinterest is a treasure trove of world-inspired wardrobe pieces.

We took a look at top searches across five continents to see which countries Pinners turn to most for style inspiration, and the results are more eye-catching than a sequined evening gown.

A passport for fresh looks

Pinners are shaking things up by borrowing elements from other cultures and adding a new twist to denim and other wardrobe essentials. “Think of Pinterest like a passport, allowing Pinners to tap into a variety of styles from all over the world, right in the app”, says Larkin Brown, Pinterest User Experience Researcher and In House Stylist.

Ready to take a wardrobe world tour? Here are some of the best fashion must-haves of 2018, by country:

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  • Smock dresses: It’s no wonder why smocked dresses (+102%) are gaining popularity in the States. They keep things easy breezy and fit every body type.

  • Block heels: This chunky heel continues to be a few steps ahead of other styles, such as stilettos or kitten heels (+333%).


  • Birkenstocks: Bare your soles with these classic sandals. Birkenstocks (+840%) are a favourite not just in Germany, but around the world.

  • Maritime fashion: German Pinners have decided  to go with maritime looks and accessories (+212%) this summer, maybe inspired by Chanel’s latest collection tributed to the hanseatic city of Hamburg?


  • Wrap dress: French women are getting all wrapped up in these flattering dresses (+262%).

  • Jumpsuits: Keep your trousers on! Whether they’ve got floral prints or wide legs, jumpsuits have become a must have for every armoire (+58%).

East meets best

Although getting style inspirations from France has long been in vogue, an increasing number of Pinners are turning to Korea and Japan for ideas on what to wear next.

Korean street style searches are up by 94% globally, and so are Japanese statement pieces such as kimonos (+121%), Japanese embroidery (+151%) and Japanese aprons (+46%).


  • Wide-leg trousers: In Japan, people are saying “sayonara” to skinnies and pulling on pairs of wide-leg trousers instead (+60%).

  • Flat sandals: Stylish yet comfortable, flat sandals (+645%) are a real allrounder for Japanese Pinners.


  • Shirt dresses: It’s a shirt, it’s a dress... and it’s certainly not plain! In Mexico, Pinners are loving versatile, stylish shirt dresses (+500%).

  • Women’s tennis shoes: You don’t have to be Serena to smash this look. Tennis shoes are great paired with jeans or dresses (+76%).


  • Leather jackets: Good times for this outerwear essential! Leather jackets (+553%) are huge right now in Argentina.

  • Party jumpsuits: Avoid those “what am I going to wear” moments before a night out on the town with a party jumpsuit (+97%).


  • Flared trousers: This ‘70s staple is hustling its way to the top in Brazil (+146%).

  • Corduroy: Soft and durable, this fabulous fabric is everywhere, from overalls to skirts (+200%).


  • Button-up dresses: The English are channeling the royals with prim and proper looks, such as button-up dresses (+96%).

  • Hair scarves: Think of it as a polished scrunchie – hair scarves (+157%) are beautiful and versatile.


  • Leopard print: Australians are channelling their wild side with leopard print (+110%)

  • White boots: White boots (+246%) keep our friends down under stylish all year round.


  • Maxi dress: Maxis are made for relaxin’! This effortless, ethereal silhouette is up (+377%) in Spain.

  • White trousers: Bye bye, blue jeans! In Spain, they’re rocking white trousers all year round (+392%).

South Africa

  • Ankle boots: In South Africa, women are turning to ankle boots (+567%) to give their outfits a little extra boost.

  • Berets: Hats off to berets (+850%)! No longer just a French favourite, berets have made their way to South Africa.

Methodology: Trend percent increases are in searches from January 2018 to July 2018 broken out by country.