November Pinterest insights: DIY indoor garden ideas, fun for the whole family, and the best gear for the great outdoors


Cold grey days and winter weather don’t have to bring you down. In fact, spending time indoors can present the perfect opportunity to try something new. From DIY indoor water gardens to trending workouts and family friendly activities to enjoy inside, Pinners are looking to put a fresh twist on the things they already love. Already planning 2020 bucket list adventures and dreaming about the great outdoors? Pinterest has pulled together the top gear and gifts to save, shop and give now — especially if you can catch them on sale this holiday season.

Indoor Water Gardens are on the rise

Greenery can help liven up any space, and caring for plants can produce feel-good effects, like a more relaxed mood. Pinners are looking for creative ways to take their love of gardening inside and add a little water — searches for “indoor water garden” are up 334%. Want to take your houseplants to the next level? Here are six popular plants you can either prop a gate in water or grow entirely underwater.





Tip: See a plant you like, but don’t know what it’s called? Use Pinterest Lens camera search to take a photo and Pinterest will tell you what it is and where to buy it. We recently shared that our visual search technology is smarter than ever and can identify more than 2.5 billion objects across Pins.

Fun and creative indoor activities your kids will love

Whether you’re stuck inside on a cold day or looking to fill your downtime at home with fun, here are some trending activities (activity for kids indoor +81%) to try with your kids:





Effective exercise you can do at home

Home workouts are one of the best ways to stick with your fitness routine when you can’t get outside, make it to the gym, or have to miss your favorite class. From workout videos for women to exercise that doesn’t require equipment, here’s what Pinners are searching for:





Gear and gifts for people who love the great outdoors

Pinners are already planning trips to fulfill their wanderlust in 2020. It’s an ideal time to shop for outdoor essentials on Pinterest as you plan active adventures for the upcoming new year:




When you’re done treating yourself, find additional shopping inspiration and trending gifts for the people you love in our 2019 Holiday Shopping Report.

See it, snap it, try it!

Every day, people use Pinterest to bring their offline inspiration online with our visual search tool, Lens. What is visual search, you ask? It’s as easy as taking a picture – simply tap the camera in the Pinterest search bar, snap a photo of something IRL and Pinterest will tell you what it is and where to find something just like it. Or you can use Lens to search within a Pin that you want to know more about and get recommendations for related content. 

Pinterest can now identify more than 2.5 billion objects across home and fashion Pins, so if you’re looking for something in particular, there’s a good chance Lens can help you find it. Check out the list of top visual search topics by category: 

  • Fashion: Dresses and men’s tops are the top camera-searched fashion items, along with shoes, jeans, bikinis and jewellery. See a friend in an amazing outfit? Use Lens as an easy way to find similar pieces!

  • Food: The top camera-searched food items are cakes followed by ethnic recipes. Trying new food at a restaurant and love it? Snap it to make it yourself at home.

  • Gardening: Plant leaves are the top snapped item in gardening. See a plant that you love, but don’t know what it’s called? Use Lens to help you identify the species and others like it. 

  • Home: Home décor, rugs and chairs are the top camera-searched items. Use Lens to see similar, and potentially cheaper, options for items that you’re lusting after! 

  • Animals: Cats beat dogs paws-down as the top camera-searched animal. If you're deciding which new fur baby to bring home, Lens can help you identify breeds.

  • Beauty: The top camera searches are for nails and hair. Find tutorials to bring the look to life!

  • Other popular searches include electronics, natural landmarks and motorcycles.


Percent increases are calculated using normalized searches from Sept ‘18 to Sept ‘19.