The Pinterest Guide for enjoying Ramadan at Home


People come to Pinterest to discover ideas, get inspired and plan life celebrations. As Ramadan quickly approaches, people are turning to the platform for new ways to celebrate at home while preserving traditions and festivities. Searches for “Ramadan tips” are up 70% around the world as people are searching and saving ideas for making the most of this important celebration. Here are a few ways to keep Ramadan alive in your home using Pinterest: 


Bring Ramadan to life in your home

This year, it’s time to get creative with your Ramadan celebrations for the home. With a 140% increase in global searches for “DIY Ramadan decorations”, people are looking for fun and easy ways to make their home a festive space for this special occasion. Trending Ramadan decorations on Pinterest to try:


At home activities to celebrate Ramadan

With a 100% increase in global searches for “Ramadan activities”, people are turning to Pinterest for inspiration on how to create their own new festivities at home. Here are fun and easy activities that are trending now on Pinterest:


    For more inspiration on ways to celebrate, see Ramadan Greetings

    Feast with Family and Friends Virtually

    People are looking to make their favourite Ramadan recipes and can easily plan a virtual family feast, and Pinterest is seeing a 65% increase in searches for “Ramadan foods” and a 90% increase in searches for “Ramadan Sweets”. Trending recipes on Pinterest to try:

    Share the festive spirit with your community this Ramadan

    As some people feel the physical distance this Ramadan, Pinterest users are finding gift ideas as a way to stay connected to their communities. Searches for “Ramadan gift ideas” are now 4X greater as people are discovering how to give back and stay together during Ramadan. Trending gift ideas on Pinterest:

    Celebrate Ramadan in style

    On Pinterest, men and women are looking for outfit ideas to celebrate Ramadan in style, even if it’s in the comfort of their home. Inspiration for an at-home Ramadan look:






    Over the next few weeks, people around the world searching for Ramadan ideas on Pinterest will see a festive background below the search bar with additional search recommendations so you can get into the Ramadan spirit while you plan. To see this, go directly to the search bar and type “Ramadan” on iOS and Android.

    Pinterest is also curating Ramadan-related content so you can discover the latest Ramadan inspiration. As you’re searching and saving ideas for Ramadan, we’ll surface a Pin on your home feed that will take you to a board of more Ramadan ideas. 


    Methodology: Percent increases are calculating using global normalized searches from March '19 to March '20