The Pinterest Valentine’s Gift Guide for all types of loves


Whether you’re shopping for a friend, co-worker or even a little something for yourself, Pinterest is where you can discover, save and shop for Valentine’s gift ideas that are sure to sweeten up any of the loves in your life. 

People are increasingly turning to Pinterest to shop the perfect gift with 2.7X as many searches for Valentine’s Day gift ideas than Valentines’ Day decor and 2.2X as many searches for gifts than crafts. Who’s the biggest gift giving searcher? Those with girlfriends — men and women are searching gift ideas for girlfriend, up 572% and higher than gifts for other types of relationships.

Check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for some fun ideas for all the people in your life that won’t disappoint. We’ve compiled top gifts on Pinterest for all kinds of loves — including yourself, based on emerging trends like sustainability, 90s rerun and pet celebrations. 

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New & sustainable love

Celebrate your fresh love with products that are sustainable, as you both build toward a sustainable relationship. With searches for zero-waste travel essentials +48%, low waste lifestyle +446% and eco-friendly swaps +172%, purchase meaningful gifts you can feel good about.



Lasting & homebody love

Home is where your heart is, so why not spoil your love with something you both can enjoy when you kick back and spend quality time in your haven. With searches for home coffee stations +751%, brewing equipment +411% and audio room +803%, there’s no shortage of “home hub” inspo that can also turn into great gifts.

Timeless & nostalgic galentines

With searches for gifts for best friends up 211%, look no further than the iconic television show making a comeback for inspiration, as well as so many 90s trends including Y2K outfits +669%, scrunchies +6309%, 90s Streetwear +277%. Be your Rachel to her Phoebe or Monica, whether you saw the iconic “lobster” and “on a break” iconic moments firsthand, or relive through reruns.


Self love

Celebrate yourself with a special gift this year that warms your own heart. In fact, searches for embrace being single are up 49%. Whether you’re single, or are making single time for yourself, you might find inspiration in the trend of indoor water fountains (searches up 917%), ylang ylang essential oil benefits, +91%, and plum lipstick as one of the most searched lip colors of 2019.


Pet loves

Probably the most unconditional love we receive is from our furry friends. Commemorate Valentine’s Day with your pets with inspiration based on trending searches for Cakes for dogs +167%, Pet fashion +199% Dog patio ideas apartment +131% and Outdoor cat playgrounds +512%.

Little loves

Use the holiday as an excuse to encourage the smallest of scientists and astronauts in your life, even if they were born after Pluto lost its planet status. Searches for STEM space activities for kids +135% and NASA hoodie +106%.

Let love grow wild

We found in our annual Pinterest 100 report that the idea of “rewilding” is taking off — where people increasingly want to go outdoors and find new adventures. For instance, searches for nature travel are up 253% and bushcraft camping +1069%. Surprise your loved one with all the makings of a rewild’ed date or weekend, complete with all the fixings you’ll need to go into survival (or glampers-approved) mode.

Pro-Tip: Create a secret board while planning for those big and small surprises.


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Valentine’s Day and lipstick trends calculated using normalized searches from December 2018 to December 2019

Pinterest 100 trends are based on searches compared between August 2017-July 2018 to August 2018-July 2019