Top trending engagement ideas, autumn hairstyles and the best of Halloween


All the things that Pinners love most about autumn are at peak levels! And, engagement season is here! Check out trending engagement photoshoot ideas and ring styles, plus how to use visual search to find the style that you love. Don’t miss the most-watched hair tutorial videos on Pinterest, either – popular braids are an easy way to update your look. Lastly, we just released our Halloween report and uncovered more frightful fun, including top-shopped, plus-size Halloween costumes and activities to do with children. Read on, and reach out if you want more!

Engagement season

Engagement season is here! Each year, searches for engagement ideas increase an average of 40%² from June to January. This year, 'engagement photo inspiration' is trending, up +661% as Pinners look for the perfect place to take pictures with the person that they love. Fun and romantic, these top saved ideas and trending locations will make you immediately fall in love.


Engagement photoshoot ideas


  • With a car +125%: Combine your next road trip and engagement shots into one adventure to score pictures of you and your love cruising the coast in a classic car or convertible.

  • At a winery +122%: Love a rustic vibe? Head to your favourite winery to raise a glass and snap photos with an idyllic view. 

  • During a carnival +106%: Whether it’s a glittering Ferris wheel or colourful bright lights, a carnival is the perfect place to capture what a fun couple you are. 

  • In a back garden +105%: Go for a laid-back vibe by taking engagement photos in your back garden. Candids are the cutest, and they’re easiest to pull off when you feel comfortable.

Engagement rings for 2020: Unique stones and shapes

Shopping for engagement rings can be overwhelming. Know which style you like, but don’t know what it’s called? Use Lens camera search to take a photo and Pinterest will tell you what it is and where to find something just like it. Our visual search technology can identify more than 2.5 billion objects across home and fashion Pins!

Jewellery is one of the top items snapped through Pinterest Lens camera search, and many Pinners are snapping engagement rings. Here are some top trending styles to get you started:

Halloween fright and fun

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and it’s not too late to tap into the season’s spooky spirit! See below for some trending ideas for plus-size costumes³, along with creative ways to have fun with the whole family.


Plus-size Halloween costumes
Everyone is searching for a costume that they’ll love! From Minnie Mouse to Ursula, Plus size halloween costumes for women are trending, up +90%.

Here are 10 top-shopped costumes under UK £70:

Halloween children's activities:
There’s nothing wrong with plastic pumpkins and eating sweets, but why not step up the Halloween decorations and project ideas? Searches for 'Halloween crafts for children' are up +43%. These videos are full of spooktacular ideas to try:

Want more inspiration? Check out this year’s Pinfrights report for make-up ideas that will complete a chilling look, seasonal décor to spruce up your space, and top trending Halloween recipes.

New hairstyles to try




Easily update your look without making a major change. This autumn, Pinners are all about soft waves and creative braids, with searches on 'braided hairstyles videos' up 4,004%! Check out these video tutorial Pins to pin down a new look:


¹Unless otherwise denoted, all per cent increases throughout this newsletter are calculated using normalised searches from August 2018 to August 2019. 

²Increase in engagement searches is an average of June 2016 to January 2017 and June 2017 to January 2018.

³Halloween trends are calculated using normalised searches from July 2018 to July 2019.