Travelling abroad, mapping the stars or glamping in nature: Pinterest reveals the travel trends for this summer


In 2022, people are taking up activities that they have not been able to do in the last two years, and enjoying travelling again is one of them. People are eager to explore new destinations—at home as well as abroad—get inspired by nature and discover ways to give a new meaning to the concept of camping. 

More than 63 million people engage with travel content globally on Pinterest every month. This makes Pinterest one of the biggest platforms that millions of people turn to when searching for new travel ideas to move from inspiration to action. Searches for ‘travel inspo’ increased by +87% during mid-March to mid-April, compared to the four weeks prior.

From exploring the south of France to doing yoga by the beach to mapping the stars, Pinners are taking a different approach to planning their summer/winter travel this year.


Nature is the new way

Searches on Pinterest show that Pinners want to leave the city behind. People on Pinterest are discovering new ways to connect with nature, and a quiet and relaxing environment is ideal for a holiday.

Lake it ’til you make it, recreation

  • ‘Lake day outfit’ searches increased by 2x
  • ‘Boat day essentials’ searches increased by 66%

Celestial celebration, stargazing

  • ‘Pickup truck bed date under the stars’ searches increased by 38%
  • ‘Constellation maps’ searches increased by 37%

Safe spaces for feels, Mother Nature

  • ‘Beach yoga poses’ searches increased by 55%
  • ‘Outdoor meditation’ searches increased by 38%

Rugged outdoors, fishing and hunting

  • ‘Fishing kayak ideas’ searches increased by 2x
  • ‘Fishing gear organisation’ increased by 75%
  • ‘Fishing hacks’ increased by 60%
  • ‘Fishing boat accessories’ increased by 33%

Camping can be cool and fun too

Pinners enjoy living a full experience on the wild side. It’s time for an adventure! Camping is on trend and can offer multiple commodities and activities for everyone—however, living outside requires some hacks. 

Glamp it up, camping

  • ‘Camping glamping’ searches increased by 3x
  • ‘Caravan decoration’ searches increased by 3x
  • ‘Tent camping beds’ searches increased by 2x
  • ‘SUV camping ideas’ searches increased by 76%
  • ‘Vintage camping’ searches increased by 76%

Hacks and checklists

  • ‘Camper living hacks’ searches increased by 2x
  • ‘New camper checklist’ searches increased by 2x
  • ‘Camping packing hacks’ searches increased by 89%
  • ‘Baby camping essentials’ searches increased by 71%

Picture perfect, outdoor photography

  • ‘Night camping photography’ searches increased by 86%
  • ‘Smoky Mountains photography’ searches increased by 32%

Seasonal recipes for outdoor cooking 

  • ‘Easy camping food ideas’ searches increased by 3x
  • ‘Outdoors smores bar’ searches increased by 3x
  • ‘Campfire nachos’ searches increased by 2x
  • ‘Beach bucket drinks’ searches increased by 2x
  • ‘Steak foil packets for the grill’ searches increased by 63%

Travelling around the world

Pinners are willing to expand their horizons by looking for alternative tourist spots worldwide. From the charm of Continental Europe to Asian cities with their ancient cultures, or exotics landscapes in Latin America, there are holiday destinations for everyone.

Top 10 global travel spots on Pinterest

  • ‘Thailand OOTD travel outfits’ searches increased by 67%
  • ‘South of France travel’ searches increased by 67%
  • ‘Things to do in Japan’ searches increased by 66%
  • ‘Alaska cruise packing list’ searches increased by 57%
  • ‘Punta Cana excursions’ searches increased by 53%
  • ‘Travel to Ireland’ searches increased by 53%
  • ‘Barcelona Spain travel’ searches increased by 49%
  • ‘Travel destinations in India’ increased by 48%
  • ‘London bucket list’ searches increased by 42%
  • ‘British Columbia travel’ searches increased by 43%

Find the best ideas from creators

The number of Pins created in the travel category during Q1 2022 was 25% higher than that in Q4 2021. This means that this year, Pinners can find more ideas from creators like Hand Luggage Only to get inspired when choosing a destination or picking an activity.

Plan it easily

Planning a trip is a daunting task. Where do you even begin? On Pinterest, people can use lots of useful tools for project planning their next holiday. These include tools to organise the best dates to travel on a timeline and set reminders, to add personal notes on selected Pins, and tools to select their most liked Pins on a board to find new ideas and locations. Pinners can also easily create a group board with their friends or family members. New ideas are sure to pop up!


Pinterest internal data; global; January 2022 to March 2022 compared to the period October 2021 to December 2021.