What’s better than a piñata, you ask? An edible piñata! Plain cakes are just so last season. Imagine how happy you’d be if you cut into your delicious looking dessert, and were greeted with a waterfall of chocolate and sweets, or maybe even your name… So it’s no surprise that these cakes are so popular on Pinterest.

To help you get in on the trend, here’s 3 boards from UK Pinners showcasing the wonderful world of surprise inside cakes.

We’re feeling completely inspired by the Peace Cake on this board. And apparently, it’s a piece of cake to make.

Did you know that rather than icing a name on top of a cake, you could bake it inside? Well, you do now. We’re definitely saving this Pin!

And we’re most definitely saving the snowman whose insides are jellybeans. He looks like he’s melting in the best possible way.

Feeling inspired to make your own surprise inside cake? Clue us in @PinterestUK over on Twitter.

- Zoe Pearson, currently Pinning to US Road Trips