Erin Dollar

In our pinterview with Ed Winser, he made a special request to get in touch with Erin Dollar. In Ed’s words, Erin is one of “my favorite pinners, and she seems to be abreast of the beard fetish thing sweeping the nation. I want to know how often she goes out in her beards, and what she’s all about!” After checking out Erin’s incredible pinboards and her equally spectacular Etsy Shop, I had to get in touch.

Nice to meet you Erin! Tell me a bit about yourself:

I’m from Portland, Oregon originally, but just relocated to Los Angeles a few weeks ago. It’s a bit of a transition, but I haven’t lost my mind yet! Still getting settled in, and I’m looking forward to meeting lots of awesome new creative people. I consider myself an artist, primarily a printmaker, but I’ve been making my living recently by making fake beards as part of my I Made You A Beard project ( As you may be able to deduce from my pinboards, I love reading books, making and collecting original prints and other art, and daydreaming about how to make my home studio bigger and better. Oh, yeah…and beards.

And in honor of Ed, how often DO you wear your beards out on the town?

I’ll be honest: for me, the beards are really a “special occasions only” accessory. It’s a bit too warm for me to just wear them out all the time, but I am a big proponent of getting goofy and making people laugh, and the beards certainly put a smile on my face. My transition into becoming a full-time beardmaker was pretty simple: the public demanded beards, and I stepped forward to provide them. All kidding aside, I’m still not super clear about how this became my day job, but I’m happy to do it!

Girl with beard

Could you tell me a bit about your personal taste?

I think my taste is pretty simple, I tend to be attracted to the handmade, things that are a little less than perfect. I love finding new artists and craftspeople online, I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to see so much talent scroll by as I’m browsing my favorite blogs.



(A few of the great items in Erin’s Etsy Shop!)

Why do you use Pinterest?

It might sound weird, but the biggest thing Pinterest has done for me is to clear off my computer desktop. Over the past few years, I’ve amassed file after file of inspiring photos of art, crafts, clever packaging, beautiful interior design, etc. Of course, the problem with that is that I always forget where I found the original image, and that they were too disorganized to really search through, which is endlessly frustrating. I love Pinterest because I can save all these inspirations, without losing the original source, while still being able to browse them visually.

Pinterest UI

How can we make Pinterest better for you?

I worry that as Pinterest grows it may become harder to find other “pinners” who share your personal taste. Anything you can do to connect like-minded users would be a good thing!

So you were called out for an interview by Ed. Who would YOU like us to pinterview?

I think you guys should hear from Jenny H. next. I mean, have you SEEN her garden pinboard?! I found it this afternoon and I can’t stop thinking about how to get a little garden going in my apartment complex. I’d love to know what she’s growing in her garden!