Pinterest Newsroom News Posts and Pinsights from the Pinterest Newsroom en © Pinterest 2020 What we’re learning as we build a more inclusive company Our mission at Pinterest is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. It&#039;s hard to feel inspired when you don&#039;t feel represented -- online or in your workplace -- and research shows that diverse teams make us more creative, diligent and hard working. In our 6th annual diversity report, we’re hitting a new first: we’ve exceeded all three of our external hiring goals with respect to diversity. 2020-01-16T00:00:00 Jo Dennis Expanding compassionate search to nine additional countries 2020-01-14T14:00:00 Ifeoma Ozoma January Pinterest insights: New VSCO girl trends, top winter fashion for pets, financial wellness plans, and gender-neutral nurseries 2020-01-09T06:00:00 Swasti S. How to use Pinterest to take the stress out of holiday gifting 2019-12-16T00:00:00 Pinterest 100: The top trends to inspire and try in 2020 2019-12-10T07:00:00 Introducing Pinterest Trends, showing the power of insights IRL 2019-12-10T00:00:00 December Pinterest insights: Ringing in 2020, planning the perfect (for you) wedding, and tips for helping new mamas As we move into a new decade, people everywhere are getting ready for what’s sure to be an exciting 2020, at least according to Pinners. From throwing a party to ringing in the New Year to planning the wedding of their dreams, or welcoming new babies into the world, Pinners are here for it all. And while the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year for many, for others, they’re anything but. Whether you’re embracing 2020 with open arms draped in a sequined party dress, or you’re looking for ways to cope, we have ideas to help you dance or take deep breaths through the holidays as we all move into the twenty-twenties¹. 2019-12-03T08:00:00 Swasti S. Celebrating small businesses on Pinterest To celebrate small businesses this holiday season, we’re launching the Pinterest Shop, your place to discover small businesses and shop their unique products. In this new profile hand-curated by Pinterest, you’ll find hundreds of shoppable Product Pins from 17 different small businesses. <br /> 2019-11-19T00:00:00 New tools for managing difficult emotions 2019-11-14T10:00:00 Evan S. Gender transitions at Pinterest At Pinterest, we think building a diverse team is critical to creating something the entire world can use. We want the people we hire to reflect the world we serve and understand those who are different from them. Building an inclusive work environment is important to us, which is why we signed the landmark ”friend of the court” Amicus Brief in July to support protections for LGBTQ employees. We’ve been offering a custom gender field option for new users since in 2015, and are proud to have scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. 2019-11-12T07:00:00 Candice Morgan How trans people are using Pinterest for inspiration Pinterest has always been a positive place where people can explore the dreams and ideas that will fuel their future selves. So it’s no surprise that since last year, searches for “transgender transition” have increased 3919%. Pinners are also finding inspiring quotes, artwork, style tips, wellness ideas and representation in the growing number of trans, nonbinary and genderqueer celebrities online. 2019-11-12T07:00:00 Candice Morgan November Pinterest insights: DIY indoor garden ideas, fun for the whole family, and the best gear for the great outdoors 2019-11-06T08:00:00 Swasti S. The Pinterest Holiday Shopping Report: Gift inspiration for everyone on your list We’ve rounded up some of the top trending gifts to give based on what Pinterest shoppers are searching for, saving and buying. For everyone from the wellness aficionado to the mini-scientists or eco-conscious, you’ll find 100 gift ideas all under $100 for everyone on your list! (And we threw in a few splurges throughout, too.) <br /> 2019-11-04T00:00:00 Freshening up the look of Pinterest 2019-11-01T01:00:00 Celebrate Diwali with Pinterest 2019-10-17T01:00:00 New ways to control the ideas you see in your home feed 2019-10-15T01:00:00 Getting better at helping people feel better 2019-10-10T06:00:00 Omar Seyal What inspires Pinners this holiday season: Personal touches, self-love, sustainability, and family photos On Pinterest, holiday season is in full swing. Pinners love to get ahead of things and have been searching for holiday inspiration as early as June. Key themes this season are personalization, self-love, sustainability and making memories. Here are some of the most popular stress-free ideas Pinners are looking to try this holiday:<br /> 2019-10-07T01:00:00 Our H1 2019 transparency report 2019-10-04T11:30:00 Planning a Thanksgiving feast with Pinterest With the best things about autumn already in full swing, we’re sharing trending Thanksgiving dishes to make, share and eat this year. 2019-10-04T01:00:00 October Pinterest Insights: Trending engagement ideas, fall hairstyles, and the best Halloween plus-size costumes and kids activities All the things Pinners love most about fall are in full swing. And, engagement season is here! Check out trending engagement photoshoot ideas and ring styles, plus how to use visual search to find the style you love. Don’t miss the most-watched hair tutorial videos on Pinterest, either — popular braids are an easy way to update your look. Last, we just released our Halloween report and uncovered more frightful fun, including top-shopped, plus-size Halloween costumes and activities to do with kids. Read on, and reach out if you want more! 2019-10-02T07:00:00 Swasti S. Introducing dark mode on Pinterest 2019-09-30T01:00:00 New ways to reach shoppers with Shop the Look ads, global Catalogs and dynamic business profiles 2019-09-23T05:00:00 New Group Board features for more collaborating 2019-09-19T07:00:00 Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month on Pinterest 2019-09-17T01:00:00 Christine Flores