Mom from A to Z

To honor Mother’s Day last week, we asked you to submit favorite memories of mom. And thanks to you, we were inspired by your wonderful moments of nostalgia, remembrance and all good things that make mom mom.

We just wanted to take some time to share a few boards that made us laugh, get teary-eyed, and reflect on what makes mom special. Here are 10 boards that has us admiring your mom:

Memory Lane with my mom - Shirley Hamm thanks her mom for enabling her giving her a sweet tooth. Growing up, she was allowed to pick penny candy at the local store.

Make mom happy for Mother’s Day - Scott Daly remembers his mom’s recipes, but more importantly, her love and warm hugs.

Mother’s Day - From hand-written love notes to the exhilaration of Christmas morning, Donnie Young treasures 20 years of joy with her mom.

Mom: from A to Z - With Pins, Rachel Monday shares a creative ode to her mom and grandma using every letter of the alphabet.

25 things I love about you (Mother’s Day challenge) - Support, positivity, optimism and love are all qualities Melissa Anclaux cherishes about her mom.

Maman je t’aime - Emille Benn was raised in France and given a Spanish heritage all thanks to her mom. Even though they’re miles apart, this board helps her stay close to her mom’s heart.

Memories of my Lovely Mother - From cologne she wore to the rings on her hands, Barb Keltner shares beautiful experiences about growing up with her mom.

Supermom - Brooke Barton’s mom never missed a single recital for her three daughters, among all her other “super-powers” outlined on this board.

This is my mom/best friend and my inspiration - No matter how tired or exhausted Debee Morelli’s mother never failed to tell her kids that she loved them each day.

My mom became a genius when I turned 28 - It was only when Heidi Britz turned 28 and had a baby of her own, did she realize how many fantastic qualities her mom instilled in her today.

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Thank you for everyone who participated. And if you haven’t already, there’s still time to create a board with all the best memories of mom and send it to her this Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all, and happy Pinning!

—Lauren Michaels, Marketing, Currently pinning to Ode to Mom