Vibrant colored graphic with clothes and leaves.

Ace the back-to-spring thing with smart hacks that work in every space, from large lofts and small studios, to full-blown houses and on-the-road Airstreams (my personal dream).

Thanks to 175 million visually-obsessed Pinners, we have 100 billion ideas on Pinterest. For this trend report, we looked at our top categories—home, food, beauty and style—and narrowed it down to 20 ideas. 100 billion to 20 is some serious data processing magic. And tah dah!...a spring cheat sheet of doable/loveable trends on the rise to copy in all your favorite places. Let’s review.

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Removeable wallpaper (+344%) is a home decor hero for commitment-phobes and renters. You work with giant stickers that are easy to apply, easy to remove, less messy and more affordable. Go big with a statement wall, or just glam up your drawers.

“no closet” closet (+50%) is a lifesaver for small spaces. Display your favorite pieces with a DIY ladder wardrobe or simple clothing rack.

Solve your off-season storage slump with solutions that double as decor, like vintage trunks, luggage and baskets (+160%).

Home report graphic

Because bathrooms tend to be small, hanging shower plants (+302%) add greenery while keeping the floor free and clear. The best part? They basically water themselves.


Don’t be a square. The circular shape of a round mirror (+35%) takes it from functional to decorative.

1960s Capri-inspired ruffles and rainbow stripes from the runways are also inspiring warmer tones, like terracotta (+36%), around the house.

Home report graphic

Don’t waste your money on expensive wall decor. Everyday accessories, like hats and jewelry(+155%), add instant character and are easily interchangeable.

If you’re lacking in square footage, a vertical bar cart (+303%) is an easy way to save space and mix cocktails at home. All you need are shelves, a splash of paint and your favorite ingredients.

Jazz up your couch and cabinets with stylish legs and knobs (+30%). It’s a simple way to make something look expensive without the big price tag.

Check out the complete list of home trends, then grab a friend, a beer and toast to your new space.

—Christine Cassis, currently saving ideas to HOME 2.0