Wedding couple kissing

Nothing against traditional weddings, but it’s nice to see brides buck the norm and do their big day, their way. It's all about personalization and having fun, from printed bridesmaid dresses in lieu of mismatched solids, to the taco bar riff on family-style buffets.

January through March is peak planning season on Pinterest, with 40 million people saving 3 billion wedding-related ideas. Our number nerds love this stuff! Thanks to them, we pinpointed 25 emerging wedding trends people are saying “I do!” to.

Here are a few of our faves...and if you want to leave out that whole marriage part, then just throw yourself one hell of a party.


Wedding tattoos

Because tattoos + marriage = forever. Couples are getting inked with their wedding date, wedding bands and floral bouquets. Wedding bouquet tattoos +116% YoY


Taco bars

Who’s ready to eat like there’s no mañana? Taco bars (+132% YoY) let guests build their own tacos while you mix and mingle.


Blue suits for grooms

Here comes the groom, all dressed in blue (+90% YoY). Guys are rocking the unexpected hue for a look that’s unique yet polished.


Printed bridesmaid dresses

Millennial brides are choosing ready-to-wear dresses for their tribe that are stylish and affordable. Floral prints (+50% YoY) are front runners, and a look they can actually wear again.


Natural hair 

Forget fussy updos. Natural hair (+30% YoY) is a classic and timeless look.


Mini moons 

Some couples want a break from all things wedding after the ceremony, so they’re postponing the honeymoon or taking shorter, local mini moons (+122% YoY).


After the after-party

After the reception, the band and caterers go home, and couples do a spontaneous meet-at-a-bar gathering where guests pay their own way (money saver!). Or, they opt for a more organized party part deux (+35% YoY) a la open bar, with or without entertainment.


—Aimee Bidlack, writing from a heart-shaped jacuzzi filled with champagne, and saving ideas to SOMETHING BLUE