Back to Life

January is not the only time of the year to hit refresh. Beginning in August, people turn to Pinterest to find Pins and boards that inspire new routines as the summer season comes to a close. People often think of this particular time of the year for making small changes to their routines such as getting a new haircut, decluttering their wardrobe or refreshing their eating habits. We call this getting “Back to Life."

Routines to root for

Having good daily habits can promote health and well-being. Searches for “self-care routines” have increased 140% since last year. Among the top searches for self-care on Pinterest, skin care, workouts, and morning and bedtime rituals (+157%) are regimens that Pinners are looking to refresh as they get back into their everyday routine.

Back to life

Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling (+112%) has taken off in past years and continues to rise. It’s one of the top morning and bedtime routines that Pinners are looking for to help stay focused, happy and organized!

Get organized

People have discovered that cleaning house also clears the cobwebs from your mind which improves physical and mental health. This year alone, there have been over 14 million searches for home organization, and searches are still on the rise—since the start of summer, organization-related searched have increased by 40% globally!

Blissful body

Pinners are looking for the best ways to keep the body healthy and strong. There have been over 63M searches for exercise and over 340M searches for healthy recipes.

  • Ready to set some stretch goals? Searches for front splits are up 151%, and searches for buti yoga, a fun form of cardio intense yoga that incorporates tribal dance, are up 55%.

  • From blackout curtains to eating habits, biohacks (+59%) help people see how small tweaks to their lifestyle can lead to big changes like increased energy and productivity.

  • This autumn, Pinners are looking to re-root themselves by cooking with healthy seeds such as black seeds (+128%) and basil seeds (+182%).

  • Adaptogens (+40%), almond yogurt (+40%) and moon milk (+155%) are all Pinners need this fall to feel energized and balanced.

Autumn make-over

Autumn is also a time for some serious hair maintenance. Pinners are replacing the casual, free-spirited summer style with a fresh haircut.

  • Time for a change. Touch up your locks with a fresh haircut that’s perfect for autumn. The all-time “classic bob” is among the top 20 searches globally and is a great look to feel renewed.

  • Like our hair, our skin needs extra care after being exposed to sun and saltwater over the past few months. Simplify your routines and get back to basics with a Korean beauty (+36%) ritual to help the skin feel refreshed and healthy.

Data Methodology

* All trend percent increases are in searches from May 2017 to May 2018

** Top searches are from January 2018 until May 2018.