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Back to school is a time to reboot, a fresh start for everyone—even if you don't have kids. Pinners are looking for ideas that are easy, affordable and a reflection of their personality. From pre-school to post-grad, we’re breaking down the top 39 trends for both kids and adults. Meet the new best in class...

Elementary: Easy as 1, 2, 3

In August, everyone’s deep in the lazy days of summer, then BAM! It’s back to school. There’s no magic reset button, but there are a few tricks to make it a little more easy (and fun!).

  • Pick their outfits for the week (+47%) and organize them with a hanging organizer, plastic bins or hanger tags.
  • Car games don't have to be reserved for long road trips. Story starters (+121%) are short, fun ways to get their minds warmed up for class.
  • With just a few supplies, kids can make painted rocks (+220%) of animals and people.
  • Hate cutting off sandwich crusts? Then you’ll love lunch kabobs (+67%)—and so will they.​


College: The fresh 15

Dorm rooms are small, impersonal and ill-equipped for cooking, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. The right dorm decor can add style and personality, and food tricks for the kitchenless. Here are a few faves from our back-to-school cheat sheet, the freshman 15:

  • Share a favorite quote, hashtag or message on a felt letter sign (+42%).
  • Removable decor like temporary wallpaper (+344%) and washi tape are easy, non-permanent style hacks.
  • From quirky cactus to delicate copper, string lights (+23%) are always a bright idea. And neon (+197%) isn’t just for dive bars anymore.
  • You don't need a green thumb to add greenery to your space. There are dozens of hard-to-kill houseplants (+111%).
  • Easy one pot recipes (+960%) are no-brainers for students who don't have access to a kitchen and want healthy, fast food. Craving Cheetos? Turn vending machine food into epic snacks (+99%).


Work: The non-negotiables

Remember the thrill of buying new outfits and school supplies for school? This is the grown-up version.

  • Millennial pink (+100%) is everywhere. For those 9-to-5 days, a pantsuit is a smart choice for the office.
  • Paper bags aren’t just for lunch. Paper bag pants (+682%) and skirts are unexpected looks that make stylish work-to-drinks pieces.
  • Not only do Himalayan salt lamps (+148%) have a pretty glow, but they clean the air and counteract electromagnetic radiation. Add one to your desk ASAP.
  • The perfectly portioned bento box (+90%) is an easy way to pre-pack lunch.
  • happy planner (+574%) is not your average planner. It's a cheerleader, personal assistant and best friend.
  • PopSockets (+3920%) are the do-it-all tech accessory that act as a phone grip, media stand, cord wrap and more—you can even hang jewelry on it.


—Cami Windingcurrently saving ideas to Apartment Livin'