Danni Remneder

Danni Remender is creative director of Fawn Shoppe, an online children’s boutique stocked full of make-believe, originality and adorable clothes. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband Rick, a writer for Marvel Comics, and two cute—and of course, very well-dressed—children, Edie, age 4 and Tommy, age 3, who both start school this year. Here, Danni talks about motherhood and shares the back-to-school goods you gotta get.


Edie and Tommy start school this year. Are you ready?

I’m equally excited and sad at every milestone. I’ve been so fortunate to stay home with them—and feel completely spoiled at the notion of being there for it all—but as they and Fawn Shoppe grow, school is the next great step for all of us.

Danni and daughter

Do you have any fond memories of when you were in school?

One time I stashed bubble gum in my belly button so I wouldn’t get in trouble. It was there all day, and by the time I made it home, my dress and stomach were forever bonded.


What are some of the coolest school supplies you’ve seen this year?

I adore the colorful Kanken backpacks. They’re so well made and fun.


Wouldn’t hurt to have some of the coolest sunglasses by Son + Daughters.



What are the must-have pieces for Fall?

Anything Nico Nico or Bobo Choses—they’re basics with an edge, but very wearable.






What are your favorite children’s books?

“A Sick Day for Amos McGee” is beautifully illustrated and such a sweet story.


We also love “The Day the Crayons Quit.” My kids think the nude crayon is so funny.



Favorite toy?

I’m a fan of beautiful, well-made blocks. These Miller Goodman blocks are in constant rotation in our house. Along with all the Grimm’s pieces, too.



You have such definitive taste. Have you always been interested in design?

I’m really such a nerd for kids clothing and design. It started long before I had children. I’ve always loved great design and now I have an outlet with Fawn Shoppe.


How do you and Fawn Shoppe partner, Kristin Swati, work together?

We spend countless hours going down rabbit holes of inspiration like MilK magazine, Instagram and Pinterest, where we’ve discovered lots of beautiful brands. When we have ideas, we either pat each other on the back or say “that’s a terrible idea.”

Pinterest helps us organize our ideas. We use both public and private boards, comment on each other’s Pins and look at collections together.

When it’s time to place an order, we agonize and over analyze every detail and decision. But it’s always fun to guess what will be popular next season.


What will be the big thing in your Spring/Summer 2015 collection? Can you give us any hints (pretty please)?

I’ll just say that the watermelon is what the flamingo was this year.


So, how do you juggle it all—work and parenthood?

I’m not sure it can ever be perfect, but I try and stay attentive to whatever task I’m doing at that time. I love both work and parenthood, so I find ways to make it work. For instance, a major time-saver for me is getting up before the kids. If I’m trying to do both work-related things and playing with my children, I’m generally making mistakes.


Any advice for new parents?

Take advice with a grain of salt and trust your gut. Everyone has an opinion, but you know them better than anyone—you’re their advocate.

Children marching outside.

Girl holding hat on her head.

Boy modeling clothing.


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