Celebrating Latiné Creators and Brands during Latiné Heritage Month

Latiné Heritage Month Newsroom header of products

In celebration of Latiné Heritage Month, also referred to as Hispanic Heritage Month, Pinterest is highlighting the wide range of diversity within the Latiné community – the identities, experiences, heritage and everything in between. 

What it means to identify as Latiné looks different for every person. That’s why Pinterest’s theme for Latiné Heritage Month, “Loudly & Proudly ________ Latiné'' aims to challenge the perception of a monolithic Latiné identity by encouraging people to show how they are uniquely, loudly and proudly Latiné. Guided by Pinterest’s internal employee resource group, Todos Pincluidos, Pinterest is embracing Latiné as a term that is not only inclusive and gender neutral, but also easier to pronounce in Spanish than the more commonly used term, Latinx.

“This month is a reminder of the immense diversity within the Latiné and Hispanic communities,” said Luis Aguirre, Vice President of Development for Todos Pincluidos. “I love taking time to celebrate my community, my culture and my identity, but also to learn more about the experiences of others. Every year, I emerge from Latiné Heritage Month feeling energized to continue uplifting and supporting our community.”

To celebrate Latiné Heritage Month, Pinterest launched a Shopping Spotlight collection featuring 20+ brands that identify as Latiné. Shoppers can enhance their style with jewelry from Navarro Official and Vibes Jewelry, upgrade their wardrobe with Latina Palace, or accessorize with Volta Atelier and Min & Mon. Pinners can also keep their hair looking its best with products from LatinUS Beauty.  

“Pinterest allows us to show and tell our brand story by featuring the women and sustainable materials behind our Maya-inspired handcrafted bags,” said Ali Hynek, Founder and Creative Director of Nena & Co. “We strive to share the artistry of cultures around the world, and features like Pinterest’s Latiné Heritage Month Shopping Spotlight allow us to do exactly that. We’re able to introduce unique handcrafted bags to Pinners and continue to give Nena & Co. artisan women sustainable income opportunities.”

Latine Heritage Month


As part of this celebration, Pinterest is working with 11 Creators from the US and Latin America across fashion, beauty, home, food and travel. Creator Idea Pin content includes Latiné-inspired recipes, style trends, book and movie recommendations. And Loli Alliati and Mama Latina Tips will host live cooking classes to share classic Latiné flavors that can be recreated at home.

Throughout Latiné Heritage Month, Pinterest is also offering events for employees to learn about the diversity within the Latiné community while creating opportunities for allies to donate to nonprofits dedicated to serving the Latiné community. Latiné Heritage Month is part of Pinterest’s commitment to building an inclusive company and a product that reflects our diverse community of Pinners.