Green couch plants pink terrazzo table lamp large wall art

Spring isn’t just about sprucing up and clearing out. It’s also your chance to refresh your aesthetic. For ideas for how to turn over a new leaf with your decor, here's a sneak peek at what's trending on Pinterest.

Accents au courant

If you’re not ready to take the plunge into something as statement-making as tropical wallpaper, try the simple, budget-frondly option of a single palm leaf (+136% YoY) in a vase. This treatment is a jungalow-key way to add an easy, breezy vibe to any room.

Fringe is not only making moves on the runways, it's also finding its way into the home. Fringe pillows (+336% YoY) in neutral shades add texture and dimension to any couch, and are a perfect pairing for the resort living aesthetic decor trend from this year’s Pinterest 100.

With saves up more than 500% YoY, pampas grass is having a major moment. Already a showstopper in weddings and art installations, the feathery foliage is a surprisingly simple centerpiece or mantlepiece option.

Stone cold chic

Ceramic dinnerware (+185% YoY) is the tabletop trend to try this spring. Whether you’re making your own pieces in a ceramics studio or picking up some flat stoneware places (+178%), options are endless to bring this earthy, modern aesthetic into your home.

Spring on the color

Our Pinners spotted sage as the new neutral 2018, and people are continuing to go green. Searches for green marble accessories are up more than 147% YoY as a way to incorporate this hue into their homes. Some are even going all with monochrome (+115% YoY) styling, layering single-color shades to add dimension to rooms.

And this spring, pastels are in no way passé. Saves for “lavender accents” are up more than 300%, with countless ways to put a modern spin on a more traditional spring color this season.

Do or dry

If you’re plagued with a black thumb, you’ll be happy to know that dehydration is the floral trend du jour. Herbariums (+345% YoY) and dry flower arrangements bring the botanical flare without requirement of plant care.