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What are Pinners eating this year? We asked our Pinsights team to do a little digging and tell us what flavors are heating up on Pinterest. Here are the top 10 trends to try in the kitchen.

Secret weapon spices

Saffron (+20%) turns regular rice into the crown jewel and kicks up a Moroccan couscous. Paired with honey (+75%), it mixes into an exotic iced tea.

Turmeric (+99%) in a chai latte trumps the same old pumpkin spice. And paired with apple cider vinegar (+140%), it’s a colorful thirst quencher.


Tropical twists

Coconut (+20%) gives crunch to crispy chicken and a Maui-style touch to muffins. And coconut bacon (+40%) is a match made in paradise.

Pineapple (+35%) in poke bowls? Yes. Ideally washed down with a pineapple dark and stormy or a tropical iced tea.


Sneaky substitutions

Cashew milk (+ 40%) is the new almond milk, but creamier and less nutty

Chickpea flour (+ 30%) means chocolate chip cookies can go gluten-free


Herbs get creative

Basil (+18%) always belongs in a summer caprese salad, but it’s also the the new star ingredient in hummusice cream and even candied basil. Paired with chickpeas (+230%), you get a summery chickpea pesto side salad.

Cilantro (+20%) makes a statement in margaritas and tacos, and also dresses up a chickpea salad


A new spin on sweets

Coffee liqueur (+ 110%) adds a spike to desserts like tiramisu shots. Paired with cinnamon (+75%), it transforms into a creamy cocktail.

Tapioca (+80%) is venturing beyond boba and making a cameo in banana crepes


Big thanks to our expert foodie Pinners—Always Order DessertSunday SuppersFood52,Hispana GlobalClean Food Dirty CityIn Jennie's KitchenGirl In the Little Red Kitchen, and Eden Eats—for their recipes on our trending ingredients.


- Paul Pattishall, currently saving ideas to Korean Food