Home trends for 2018

Today, living goes way beyond just the practical and aesthetic aspect of renovating and decorating your home. In previous generations, homes were meant to last forever. Today's generation looks at their homes as an ever-changing canvas for their lives, a place that reflects their experiences, interests and values. While still investing in high quality basics, people are redecorating more frequently and making bolder choices.

Whether you're taking on a full renovation or just making a few small changes, Pinterest points the way to home decor ideas that capture your own unique tastes and lifestyle. With over 14 billion home ideas, Pinterest has the inspiration you need to turn your living space into something that feels truly personal—the ideal place for you to relax, connect, have fun and really be yourself.

Life-led style

Ditch the clutter and adapt Lagom (+905% YoY) into your interiors. Pinners are discovering new ways to bring the Swedish less-is-more Lagom lifestyle into their homes in order to create a personalized space thru simple more curated style that reflect their taste and experiences.

Texture mix-and-matching is switching things up on the runway and in the home, with wool (+168%), leather (+212%) and fringe furniture (+275%) all taking a turn. Try putting them together, or use separately for a single sensory-shifting pop.

No closet, no problem. Pinners are getting creative with open closets (+126%) and working with the space they have to create room for their wardrobes.

Curate your own home decor by styling pieces you already have. Upcycled furniture (+131%) is a great way to build exactly what you want with what you already have. Use worldly treasures and thrifted finds to create a space influenced by your own personal experiences.

Block prints (+127%) influenced by traditional Indian hand block printing can complement any room and add texture and depth to the space.

Bold and flexible

Use bold hues and deeper color palettes to add depth to interiors and draw attention to your favorite pieces. Colors like red (+217%), dark blue (+139%) and hunter green (+209%) are all making their way into people’s homes in a big way.

Carpet diem with a statement rug (+236). Go with something bold enough to stand on its own, or layer one on top of the other for a more lux look under heel.

Look to the skies. People are blowing the roof off with a constellation of celestial light fixtures (+137%) and other stellar accents.

Black is back, from exterior paint right down to black kitchen sinks (+252%).

Approach your home decor from a new angle with geometric tiles (+238%) and geometric accent tables (+526%).

Go for gold. Mixed metals were a home highlight from our Pinterest 100 report and we’re seeing lots of saves for gold accents (+96%). From faucets to frames, gold accents are a great way to add some metals into the mix.


For the (open) minded

Home is where the zen is. People are taking more time for themselves, and looking for new places in their homes to escape and reflect. Saves for mindfulness (+248%) within the home decor category are on the rise.

Down with walls (+150%), and up with more living space! Pinners everywhere are tearing out their walls to create more of that open-concept feel for easier socializing and a more airy vibe.

People have been greening their homes more and more as plants turn more into pets. Interest in framed plants (+396%), tropical wallpaper (+46%) and botanical prints (+114%) is growing strong, with more and more people choosing to bring the great green outdoors inside.

Start thinking concrete thoughts. From cement tile (+262%) to concrete flooring (+181%), we’re seeing saves on the rise for this resilient material that gives your space a spacious, stonelike feel (that’s also cost effective!).

Bathtub remodels  (+668%) are bubbling up, up, up as more and more people are investing in spaces for relaxing, restorative me-time.

People are finding new ways to make room for their hobbies, projects and life passions, turning those unused dining room and awkward nooks into truly useful workspaces  (+112%).