How to set up a home office, WFH with kids, and more

Pinterest WFH guide

We all need a little inspiration right now and Pinterest is here to help. While we’re settling into new work from home routines, people are searching for new ways to feel positive, entertained, and even creative, especially while trying to keep up a manageable work/life balance. Searches for ‘tips for working from home’ are up +1411%*. Pinterest took a look at trending and inspiring ways people are using the platform for ideas,  to bring you the ultimate Work From Home guide.

Get organized: how to ‘home hub’

Your home is now your office, your gym and your go-to restaurant. As people hunker down, searches for ‘work from home setup’ (+1144%) are on the rise. Here are a few ways Pinners are getting organized and turning their home into a full functioning WFH hub.

For some work-from-home inspiration including meal prep recipes, self care exercises, and more check out Sarah Hearts board here:


How to set up a home office

From dining rooms to closets, Pinners are searching for creative ways to turn that extra room into a truly useful workspace. Searches for ‘work from home office’ are up +424%, with some top creative space hacks. 


Work-from-home parenting

Many of us are faced with an interesting challenge at the moment: working from home… with kids. With an increase in searches for ‘stay at home kids activities’ +4055%, we’ve rounded up the top trending easy at home crafts for kids (+541%) to help keep the kids entertained.

Top 10 trending crafts for kids on Pinterest


"It's been gratifying for our team that we happen to provide a kids/family activity product that could be useful for people while at home with their children. It helps to work on something proactive that helps others even a little. As a society and world we're all in this together and thinking about how we can help lessen our own fears ever so slightly." -Seth Barnes, co-founder of Raddish

Check out their Suddenly Homeschooling board full of great recipe ideas to keep the kids entertained.

    Working with roommates

    With everyone working from home at the moment, people are spending a lot of extra time with their roommates. Searches for ‘work from home office ideas small spaces’ are up +182% as Pinners are looking for ways to maximize their shared home. Whether it’s a partner, friend, or roommate, check out these tips on Pinterest for how to work from home with your new “coworker”. 


    How to spend your breaks

    It’s easy to forget to take breaks when you’re working from home. Make sure to plan for time during your day to leave your desk, disconnect and do something else to recharge body and mind. Searches for ‘self care at home’ are up +332%, with top trending searches including: 

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