Pinterest now lets you share Idea Pins on other platforms

Pinterest Idea Pin Sharing

Starting today and in the course of this month, all users can download and share published Idea Pins on social channels including Facebook and Instagram. These Idea Pins will be downloaded as a watermarked video that stitches all the Idea Pin pages together, and ends with an end card that displays the creator’s name and username.

Now, with Idea Pin Sharing and Downloading, a creator’s original Pinterest content can go even further reaching new audiences on and off Pinterest. To benefit from the new feature  creators have to allow  their Idea Pins to be downloaded and shared across other platforms, including the Pinterest watermark, in their permissions settings. Once the functionality is enabled everyone can select the “FBStories” or “IG Stories” icon in the share menu, which will initiate a download. Once the download finishes, it takes the user to the Facebook or Instagram app with the story creation flow open and the watermarked Idea Pin video pasted in. It can then be edited and posted.

Pinners can still share content to other social platforms. The download option provides the ability to quickly save and upload watermarked Idea Pin content onto other platforms like Snapchat and TikTok.

Idea Pins are Pinterest’s native publishing format that was first introduced to creators in 2020 and rolled out globally in 2021. Idea Pins are a multi-page canvas to share unique ideas, tutorials, passions with others. They last forever, and are a way for creators to grow an audience on Pinterest. In Pinterest’s “Watch” tab Pinners find a full-screen feed of Idea Pins to scroll through and engage with fresh content from brands and creators, so Idea Pins continue to be discoverable by everyone. 

Creating on Pinterest is different. Creators on Pinterest are tastemakers. Pinterest is an environment that’s deliberately engineered to feel more positive - where people get inspired and bring a creator’s ideas to life. That means more actionable engagement, instead of vanity metrics. Ideas are discoverable instead of disappearing in a chronological feed.

Best Practices for Idea Pins

  • Instructional and actionable - Use videos, images, text to walk people through the steps and make it easy for them to take action on the Idea. 
  • Use Video -  Video is great for telling a story and to connect with the audience. Start with a video on the first page. It’s your best chance to stand out and hook your audience. 
  • Make it Personal - Idea Pins are not for sterile, polished content. Let your brand voice shine with our editing tools such as stickers, music controls, video filters and more.
  • Pinterest’s profile highlights -. With profile highlights, Creators are also able to add Idea Pins to the top of their profile, enabling them to show off their most engaging and immersive Idea Pins.