Two moms and tow children in a messy kitchen.

There are a lot of us moms here at Pinterest, and we meet every month to swap war stories, talk each other off the ledge, and share ideas. This Mother's Day, we decided to pool that collective wisdom in the all-new Moms on Pinterest.

Think of it like a survival guide, with some of the best ideas from the real moms of Pinterest and our favorite top Pinners.

You’ll find tips for getting through the day (and night), or sneaking in some much deserved you-time. It’s made with love for all you working moms out there (and by that we mean every mom). Here’s a sneak peek:

Life hacks: Lessons to lessen the mishaps of being an amateur wife and mom (from Pinterest mom,Malorie M.)

Hypothetical "perfect" mom: Activities with the kiddos that make me feel like I'm nailing this whole parenting thing (from Pinterest mom, Sarah S.)

Future blackmail material: Because Halloween is the primary reason I had a kid (from Pinterest mom, Mac H.)

Yeah, I can hack it: Hair and beauty hacks for the new mom (from Pinterest mom, Amy S.)

Mom trends: A few trending ideas in Parenting, from clever lego storage to stylish slip-on shoes.

We’re also including some of our favorite boards from parenting experts, like Cup of Jo’s surprising parenting tips and the best mom blogs from


Happy Mother’s Day, and here’s to all you moms out there who are keeping it real.

—Mac Huynh, Brand Writer and mom of 1 year-old Prince Felix, currently Pinning to Power women