Introducing PinFlex, an inspiring work model for our employees


Today, we’re announcing PinFlex, a uniquely Pinterest work model that provides employees the autonomy to live and work flexibly, while prioritizing intentional in-person collaboration at our world class offices. For work that can be performed anywhere, our employees will be able to choose where to work, whether from a Pinterest office, their home, or a virtual location. For activities and projects that are best done in-person, teams will plan to visit a Pinterest office, and Pinterest will cover travel and expense costs for employees who live outside of a commutable distance.

PinFlex is our future of work

Pinterest employees will now have the choice to work in any of the 50 states within the US, or within the country or region of their Pinterest office internationally. We believe there is value in a distributed workforce with intentional, essential touch points for in-person collaboration that will create a big impact for our business and for employee development and connection.

“PinFlex offers maximum flexibility and autonomy that will deliver an equally productive and inclusive experience for everyone— no matter who you are or where you’re working. We designed this work model in collaboration with leaders, managers, and employees, to create a highly connected community and an inspiring environment for every Pinployee.” – Christine Deputy, Chief People Officer 

Instead of assigning the number of days employees need to be in an office, we believe it is essential to let the work guide the collaboration style. Teams will plan to visit a Pinterest office when partaking in collaborative work or celebratory culture building. For more autonomous work, they’ll have the flexibility to live and work where they choose, whether that’s at home, in-office, at a café, or wherever else they feel inspired. Our offices will continue to provide our employees with the tools, resources, and comforts they need to do their best work and they are encouraged to visit as frequently as they would like. All employees will be expected to visit a Pinterest office at least once a year to connect with one another and to engage in culture building activations like Knit Con. For any required in-person touchpoints, Pinterest will cover travel and expense costs for employees who live more than 70 miles away from the office in which their team has decided to gather. 

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