Introducing Pinterest TV, a fresh dose of live, original and shoppable creator shows

Pinterest TV

Pinterest is a destination for people to watch, shop and try inspiring ideas in categories like food, beauty, home, and DIY. Through recent advancements with shopping and creator features, Pinners are engaging in more immersive formats and actionable entertainment than ever before.

Today we’re announcing Pinterest TV, a series of live, original and shoppable episodes featuring creators right on Pinterest. Pinterest TV episodes are refreshed each weekday and will be recorded and available for Pinners to view on-demand, and save and rewatch later. Beginning November 8, episodes will air Monday-Friday at 3PM PDT / 6PM EDT in the U.S. on iOS and Android. Each Friday, products will drop in a live shopping setting where Pinners can take advantage of discounts from brands including All Birds, Crown Affair, Melody Ehsani, Outdoor Voices, Mented and more.

Premium series lineup

Simply click the TV icon in the upper left corner of the Pinterest app to view episodes, interact with hosts, ask questions via chat, and get answers live. Pinterest TV will launch with top Pinterest creators and brands including:

  • Christian On - Each week, American Fashion Designer and Project Runway alum Christian Siriano brings to life the most-searched fashion terms on Pinterest. 
  • Unfail My - Director & Screenwriter Monica Suriyage is joined by Pinterest food creators to "unfail" the holiday dishes of cooks across the country. From a collapsed gingerbread house to an inedible vegan chocolate chip cookie, our specialists run to the rescue.
  • Tom Tries - Tom Daley, Olympic gold medalist in diving and knitting guru, will spend time each week learning new skills from grandmas and grandpas. 
  • Manny Does - Beauty entrepreneur, Manny MUA brings his wit and wisdom to answering the most common holiday beauty needs in this weekly series.
  • Buy This - Host and comedian Robyn Schall, along with Pinterest creators, will show how products from brands like Melody Ehsani, and Crown Affair look and feel in real time, just in time for holiday gift-giving.

Tom Daley

"I have used Pinterest as my source of inspiration for quite some time, whether it was for my wedding or knitting ideas, and I am so excited to be bringing the inspiring ideas on Pinterest to life by hosting my own live series on Pinterest TV. My show is titled Tom Tries... and I will essentially be embarking on an odyssey of trying new things! Each Wednesday, starting November 10th at 3pm PST, I will be paired up with a different grandma or grandpa who is also an expert crafter/Creator and we will spend thirty minutes trading crafting secrets!"  Tom Daley, Olympic gold medalist

Inside the episode

Along with Pinterest TV, Pinterest is launching a virtual studio where Pinterest producers work directly with each creator to develop unique content, providing “backstage” A/V support, and go live with engaging episodes. Creators who’ve hosted Pinterest TV episodes during the pilot phase have substantially increased their following on the platform, with some creators more than doubling their followers after a live episode.

Are you a Pinterest Creator and would like to host your very own Pinterest TV episode? Let us know!

Shopping Pinterest TV

On Pinterest TV, creators can showcase and tag products so Pinners can shop and purchase on the retailer’s site. Hosts will have a shopping toolbox to enable live shopping experiences including a product drawer with prices and product details, product drops and brand collaborations, a display of how much is left and a limited-time-offer module to offer discounts.

Pinterest TV

“We’re thrilled to partner with Pinterest on this thoughtful experience. I’m an active Pinterest user, both personally and professionally. It’s a platform I come to daily with positive energy and inspiration, unlike other platforms— it’s a joyful space to build out a universe and discover lifestyle newness. Engaging with the platform and being able to partner with the Pinterest team on this step into the future of live stream shopping is really thrilling.” — Dianna Cohen, Founder, Crown Affair

More on Pinterest TV

  • Fresh, live inspiration. Pinterest TV is a new way to discover fresh inspiration through live video from diverse Pinterest creators.
  • Inspiration for your life. Each weekday, Pinterest TV will bring you a fresh episode focused on a different category: food, home, fashion, beauty, and more.
  • Connect with creators. Connect with your favorite creators live, by reacting and commenting.
  • Shop exclusive deals. Every Friday, a new brand will host an exclusive product drop. Show up live to see the big reveal and bag special discounts.
  • Watch live, revisit later. Check out our shows live for a chance to interact with creators and snag exclusive deals. Pinterest TV recordings will also be available after airing, so you can check out shows you missed or revisit any of your favorite episodes. To stay in the know on upcoming live sessions, tap “Remind me.”