Meet Jordan and Jocelyn, two sisters who are tantalizing taste buds around the world as authors, designers, and mixologists with their book This Girl Walks Into a Bar: A Women’s Guide to Professional Bartending and Home Mixology. We took some time to peak behind the bar and get quick tips, personal stories and ideas on what to put in your cup to keep you warm this holiday season and New Years Eve!


Hi Jordan and Jocelyn. To start, tell us a bit about yourselves and how you two got started?

My sister and I have always dreamed of running a company together. The dream began as kids when we played “office” in the car during a cross-country family trip from San Diego to Montreal. As adults, after we both settled in Los Angeles, it was just a matter of time before we’d find something to collaborate on.

When Jordan started writing the book, This Girl Walks Into a Bar: A Women’s Guide to Professional Bartending and Home Mixology, we decided that with my professional graphic design background, it would be the perfect opportunity to join forces. That led to the launch of our company, and cocktail and mixology lifestyle blog. I design and help edit the books, maintain our site’s brand image and create all artwork for our website and product lines. Jordan blogs daily for us, and contributes her expertise to various sites including, and BevMo!’s Thirsty Times. We launched our recipe app Drink It! for ipads this year, and continue to add content regularly. We’re also currently in the final phase for our next book This Girl Minds Her P’s & Q’s: A Handbook for Etiquette in the Home, Restaurant, and Bar.

What was the inspiration behind your books?

Our first book, This Girl Walks Into a Bar: A Women’s Guide to Professional Bartending and Home Mixology arose from Jordan’s experience as a bartender. Customers were fascinated with what went on behind the bar, and how she got into bartending. Because there was a limited female voice in bartending and mixology at the time, writing a book that included tips of the trade, insider information, and personal stories seemed to fill a void. We were overwhelmed by the many cocktail recipe books already on shelves that included hundreds of recipes, so we included just the 100 most popular cocktails, and set them up as flashcards so you can quiz yourself to learn the basics.


How has it been working together with each other as siblings?

We are best friends, and both bring two different skills to the table, so our working dynamic is balanced. Fortunately we are not competitive (with each other anyway…) and both are driven at similar levels, so the partnership works well!


What are some of your favorite drinks?

For New Years Eve:

Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail

Lillet Blanc Cocktails


In general:

Margaritas (how to video)

Pomegranate Tequila Cocktail

Bloody Mary


We caught your holiday cocktail boards! Any recommendations for new holiday drinks to try this season?

One of our recent posts on our blog was a recipe for mulled wine. Although this is not an original recipe, it’s something you have to try and is perfect for the holidays, especially served warm. For something original and new, the Peppermint Patty cocktail is delicious and festive for entertaining.


How do you two use Pinterest?

We each have our own personal Pinterest boards that we use for interior design, fashion, and art inspiration. But our This Girl Walks Into A Bar Pinterest boards are where we collect mixology inspiration (for visuals and for consumption), keep track of what’s on-trend in the cocktail world, connect with people who are interested in mixology, and gather ideas for product and blog posts. It brings me joy to curate boards, and I’m selective with the quality of photography I pin, and how the content relates to other items on a board.


What final advice do you have for people getting into mixology?

Don’t take mixing drinks too seriously. There is a wave of mixology snobs out there right now, and we don’t buy into that. Keep it simple! Use what’s currently in your cupboard to start, and purchase basic spirits and bar tools. Trial and error is the best way to teach yourself how to mix or create a cocktail. I learn something new every day from my sister, and it’s through her experimentation (good and bad) that unique and delicious recipes are created.


Thanks so much for sharing the This Girl Walks Into a Bar story with us! To see information about This Girl Walks Into a Bar, you can check out their website and boardson Pinterest.