July Pinterest insights: summer's brightest fashion, the best baby pool floats and backyard camping ideas

raspberry popsicles

Grab your favorite pair of sunglasses because it's bright out there! Summer is in full swing, and we have the scoop on what people want to wear, do, and shop for this July. Get a sneak peek at the brightest neon fashion and beauty trends, find fun new ways to cool down when it's hot out, and see the trending camping hacks Pinners are looking for.

Neon trends to brighten your summer

This summer, neon everything is continuing to rise across the board, but with a twist. Think neon ombre nails, neon eyeliner, and mixing neon with materials like satin. Here are neon trends to brighten up your day.

woman wearing bright yellow dress leaning against car

Start with brightening up your eyes! “Neon eye makeup” is up 280% and Pinners are turning to videos to learn the latest, with searches on “makeup tutorial videos” up 2063²%. Here are some trending videos to help you out with this bright summer look:

“Neon dresses” are trending up 269% and “satin slip dresses” are up 252%. For this summer, why not both? Here are some neon satin dresses to add to your summer shopping list:

Sneakers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and for the summer, “neon sneakers” (+288%) are all the craze. Pair them with almost anything to spruce up any look. Shop these:

Last but not least, nails are a fun way to incorporate some neon into your life, and Pinners agree—searches on “bright summer neon nails” are up 131%.

Fun ways to cool down

Whether you’re on the West Coast, East Coast, or anywhere in between, we’re all bound to experience at least one heatwave this summer! Pinners are looking for ways to beat the heat and we may or may not already have our Prosecco pops chilling in the freezer.

baby floating in turtle pool float


Looking for ways to chill out with the kids this summer? Hit your nearest pool with some fun and creative “baby pool floats” (+97%). Don’t have a kid? Fill them with ice and use them to chill your drinks while you float:

This summer, “boozy popsicles” (+111%) are on the rise. Pinners are turning to videos to find the best recipes with searches on “popsicle videos” increasing 48%. Check out trending videos below:

Looking for something alcohol-free for the summer? Well, a lot of Pinners are, with searches on “refreshing summer drinks nonalcoholic” +118%². Here are some trending recipes:

Easy camping for the summer

This summer, more Pinners are looking for easy ways to spend time outdoors. Backyard camping is a fun way to get outside and experience cooler temperatures at night.

pinecones used to create a fire

Searches on “backyard camping ideas” are up 335% and searches on “camping hacks videos” are up 305%. Here are the top trending camping hacks videos to help you plan your next adventure:

¹Unless otherwise denoted, all trends throughout this newsletter are calculated using normalized searches from May ‘18 to May ‘19.
²Calculated using normalized searches from April ‘18 to April ‘19.