Man with Halloween makeup.

Remember the mom and dad-crafted Halloween costumes from back in the day? Even if they didn’t always turn out quite like they were supposed to (is that a monster or a muppet?), they were always masks-off the most memorable. We miss those days, so this year we’re rolling up our sleeves, grabbing the glue gun and the duct tape, and tackling DIY costumes that are as fun to make as they are to wear.

Today kicks off a whole month of Handmade Halloween on Pinterest, so stay tuned for fresh costume inspiration each week of October on Pin Picks. First up, we’ll show you creepy costume how-tos with help from masters of horror Michelle PhanJessica Harlow, and eHow. After the creep show, stay tuned for how-tos on heroes and villains, costumes for comic relief and some clever last-minute hacks if you run out of time.

Here’s a look at what one of our very own Pinterest designers whipped up (translation: spent a weekend on) for his son Luca. It took a trip to the recycling bin for boxes, 3 cans of paint and a replacement pair of PJs, but the end result was worth every minute for both dad and his trick-or-treater in training.

Ready to play? Share a snapshot of your handmade costume on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #costumepinspiration and we’ll pick a few to show off. Let the games begin!

David Rubin, Head of Brand, currently pinning to halloween