March Insights: The new ‘fly’ spring organization method and the latest vegetarian power food

Bowl of soup with shiitake mushrooms

Pinners love looking ahead, and with spring around the corner searches to get the home in order have been on the rise (a 802% percent increase in "declutter your home"!). And in the kitchen, an increasing number of Pinners are tapping into the ancient benefits of shiitake.

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FlyLady as the new Marie Kondo?

Every year in March, Pinners start looking for fresh ideas to get the home organized. We all know an organized home can spark joy, and this year, the “FlyLady” method (named for Marla Cilley whose ethos focuses on specific zones in 15 minute increments in the home), is now overtaking Marie Kondo. Searches for "fly lady cleaning schedule" have increased 40%, while searches for "marie kondo" are down 80%. 

The benefits of getting organized go beyond finding your things more easily. Recent studies show that tidying up may be connected to mental wellbeing, with 54% of consumers experiencing relaxation while cleaning their home¹.


As Pinners plan out their organizational gameplans — which can also result in a less rushed and more joyful day — the top searched areas to spruce up are:

Bar plot showing top trending home areas to organize

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Pinners are also shopping as they discover new ideas to tidy up the home. 63% of Pinners have used Pinterest while shopping in store for household products and 89% of Pinners made a purchase after seeing content from household brands on Pinterest². And, Pinners are a whopping 130% more likely to purchase products online than social media users³. As Pinners shop for organizational and storage products, top trends include racks for cabinets, under-the-sink storage and storage hacks using everyday items like baskets.

Shiitake is the new Kale

After a surge in Pinner searches, it’s clear that shiitakes are the new kale. What started as a kale-fueled revolution quickly turned to a cauliflower craze, and now, shiitake mushrooms have overtaken kale as a top-trending ingredient.

While searches on Pinterest for kale recipes are down 11%, searches for shiitake mushroom recipes are up 1654% and there are nearly 50% more boards created with shiitake mushroom recipes compared to last year.

The new “it” ingredient is packed full of health benefits and is an easy meat alternative, with searches for "vegetarian meat alternatives" on the rise (+407%), especially as Meatless March grows in popularity (searches up 65% in 2019 vs. 2018).

For those looking for inspiration for what exactly to do with shiitakes, the most popular shiitake recipe on Pinterest comes from the Vegetarian Gastronomy blog for a Pulled Shiitake Mushroom vegan BBQ sandwich

Inspired to cook with shiitakes? Top recipes include: 

  1. Pulled Shiitake Mushroom vegan BBQ sandwich

  2. Vegan Wonton Soup

  3. Shiitake Mushroom Risotto

  4. Kimchi Stew

  5. Vegetarian Ramen Bowl Recipe

  6. Mushroom Bruschetta

  7. Bok Choy and Shiitake Noodle Soup

  8. Vegan coconut crusted shiitakes

  9. Vegetarian Chinese Hot and Sour Soup

  10. Vegan Yaki Udon

It’s time to make sure there’s so mush-room in your recipes this spring for this tasty and nutrition-packed ingredient!

noodles with tofu and mushrooms

Methodology and sources

*All upward and downward trends throughout this newsletter were calculated using normalized searches from January '19 to January '20.
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