Our H2 2021 Transparency Report

We believe that a more inspired internet starts with a more transparent internet. Today we published our latest Transparency Report, covering the second half of 2021. We started publishing a biannual transparency report in 2013, and since 2020, we’ve routinely expanded the content to include more information and deeper reporting detail.

In this latest report, we’re including more than 400 distinct data points that provide greater context around our content moderation and enforcement practices, including the number of policy violations and deactivations. The report also includes metrics on how we deactivate Pins, whether through automated tools, manual review or a hybrid approach that combines elements of both. 

At Pinterest, our mission is to inspire everyone to create a life they love and we believe you can’t feel inspired if you don’t first feel safe; this guides our content moderation policies. We also know that it’s important that the content on our platform supports emotional wellbeing and inclusivity. Through the years, we’ve taken deliberate steps to engineer a more inspiring place online and invest in our community through industry-leading content policies, products and partnership, for example:

  • We don’t allow political campaign ads. 
  • We prohibit all ads with weight loss language and imagery.  
  • We take steps to proactively prevent the spread of misinformation, including false or misleading climate change information.  
  • We introduced hair pattern search, which ​​enables Pinners to refine hair searches by six different hair patterns. 

We work hard to identify and deactivate harmful content from our site, and our policies and practices are always evolving to create a more positive corner of the internet. We’re proud of our industry-leading methods, and we’re committed to providing greater transparency into how we keep Pinterest safe and inspiring.