Our top 25 #PinYourResolution boards!


It feels like I should’ve brought my swimming trunks to work today because we received a waterfall of submissions from all of you for our #PinYourResolution campaign! From healthy recipes to saving tips to to some really unique life changes, we received a surplus of amazing resolutions to ring in 2014 with positivity and energy. And as promised, we selected our 25 favorites and will be sending out goodies! Here are our top #PinYourResolution(s)!


Our team sat down and went through all the submissions. Not an easy task, but we instantly fell in love with the following 25 boards for their unique stories and the way they presented and committed to achieving their goals in 2014. Check the boards out here:


NavyLee: New Year Resolutions

Ladylisle: Resolution: Listen

Joycieno: 2014-Resolutions

Kaylenkenn: New Year, New You

Julie_butterfly: #PinYourResolution

Jme8412: Do Better at Doing Me

Jessratterree: 2014 Resolutions

Jeanbean11: Resolution board

Jbrown1128: Breaking the $100000 mark

Janicesimon: Make 2014 Unstoppable

Ireneflorentina: 2014

Imwlbg: 2014 goals

Homejelly: 2014 Resolutions

Gracewillaford: 2014!

GeorgiaBeckman: #Pinyourresolution

Familyfinder: New Year Resolve to move

Candicexo: Future Dreams

Blacktrufflemd: In 2014 I Will…

26pt2nana: My Commitment to Me

Albrandt14: Enjoy Everyday Blessings

Andreascoach: New Years Eve Inspiration Board

Glutenfreebetsy: How Betsy Got Her Groove Back

Keirubakke: Resolve to Volunteer

Jemmaolosn: Getting a Jump Start on a New Year

Lwood0905: 100 Resolutions for 2014


Get Healthy!
New, Year, Improved Me
Building a Better Me
New Year, New Apartment

Congratulations to everyone who sent us their boards. We hope you continue to discover and experience a new and improved self with Pinterest!