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In the spirit of Comic-Con this weekend, here are 10 legendary comic book artists and writers—plus, a few you might not know, but should.


1. Brian Bolland

British-born Bolland is one of the definitive artists of Judge Dredd. He also worked on Batman: The Killing Joke, which explores the Joker’s origin and is one of the most controversial Batman stories.

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2. John Byrne

Byrne is best known for his work on Marvel Comics’ X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the 1986 relaunch of DC Comics’ Superman franchise. He scripted the first issues of the Hellboy series and produced Next MenDanger Unlimited and a number of Star Trek comics.

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3. Steve Ditko

Ditko is the artist and co-creator, with Stan Lee, of the Marvel Comics’ heroes Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

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4. Will Eisner

Eisner was one of the earliest cartoonists to work in the American comic book industry, and in 1978, he popularized the term “graphic novel” with the publication of his book A Contract with God. His series The Spiritwas recognized for its experiments in content and form.

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5. Dave Gibbons

Gibbons started his comic book career in horror and action titles for IPC and DC Comics. He’s known for his collaborations with writer Alan Moore, which include the miniseries Watchmen and the Superman story “For the Man Who Has Everything”.

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6. Jack Kirby

Kirby created Captain America with writer Joe Simon. He also created the Fantastic Four and the Hulk, and while working alongside Marvel’s Stan Lee, illustrated Thor and The Avengers.

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7. Stan Lee

Lee co-created Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, the X-Men and many others. Additionally, he led the expansion of Marvel Comics from a small division in a publishing house to a large multimedia corporation.

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8. John Romita, Jr.

At the age of 13, Romita, Jr. first contributed to Marvel Comics with the creation of the Prowler in The Amazing Spider-Man #87. Recently, he’s been working with writer Mark Millar on Kick Ass, the comic that spawned the mega-hit movie and a sequel.

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9. Jim Steranko

Steranko is most famous for his iconic cover of the Hulk. He also worked on the super-spy feature "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” in Strange Tales and created conceptual art and character designs for films including Raiders of the Lost Ark and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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10. Osamu Tezuka

Tezuka is a Japanese artist and author who invented the big-eye style of anime. He is known for his work on Astro BoyPhoenixBlack JackPrincess Knight and Buddha.

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And here are a few more comic book artists you might not know, but should.

Eleanor Davis’ new compendium of short stories How To Be Happy will debut at SPX 2014.

Michael DeForge is one of the designers for the popular animated TV series, Adventure Time.

Drew Friedman’s caricatures and comics have graced the pages of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Village Voice and Mad.

Jesse Jacobs’ art-book slash graphic novel depicts all manners of beast running, crawling and slithering towards death’s cold embrace.


—Amy Schaefer, Writer, currently Pinning to design.