Pin Picks Home Hacks

Small bedroom? Hang your table. No closet? Grab a ladder. Zero storage space? Sleep on it. No matter the problem, there’s a solution. Find your fix with these clever (and cool) home hacks.


1. Skateboard shelf

Give your room a laid back vibe by repurposing an old skateboard deck as a shelf.


2. Toilet paper holder

Add a pop of color to your bathroom by using bright rope or a shoelace to hold toilet paper.


3. Ladder wardrobe

This is a simple way to organize your clothes or outerwear. Leave the wood natural, or paint it to match your room.


4. Hanging table

Open up a small space and create an eye-catching effect by hanging a tabletop.


5. Suitcase chair

Mix old and new by adding cushions to a vintage suitcase. Perfect for travel fanatics!


6. Cement side table

Add a natural touch to a space with cement blocks. Plus, the cubbyholes organize mementos, books and plants. For a top, wood works, too.


7. Pallet desk

Use a wood pallet to make a slim desk with built in storage. (So smart!)


8. Hammock

Create a place to relax, inside or outside, with a canvas drop cloth and hardware.


9. Rope divider

Mentally section off a room with jute rope and wood.


10. Brick wall

Cover a wall with thin 1/2” bricks to create a warehouse effect.


—Amy Schaefer, Writer, currently Pinning to home.