Pin Picks: 5 ways to master a marathon

Marathons are trending on Pinterest this week and it seems a lot of you are planning to set goals with long distance exercise. But simply putting on a pair of shorts isn’t going to get you to the finish line. In fact, there are a few steps you can take that’ll ensure you stay focused and hit your fitness objectives.

So for this week’s Pin Picks–and with a little help from our Pinners–we discover 5 ways to master a marathon.


Gear up and go - A good pair of shoes can take you a long way. 
Daniel Sihite shows us how to accessories with the right running gear.

Fuel yourself - You may need energy to avoid burning out after the gun goes off. 
Anna Victoria shares recipes and nutrition tips to keep your muscles moving forward.

Get a goal - If you’re looking to set some goals, 
Christy shows up tips and tricks to keep your routine set and in motion.

Motivation - Sometimes you just want to crawl back into bed. 
Mindwalker shares motivational quotes to help you get a jump start when you’re looking for a little push or a personal coach.

Map it out - If you need ideas on where to run, 
Cindy Suchanek makes a place board to map out running routes in Oregon. You can map out your own paths too!

We hope these tips were useful for your running plans. And of course, tune in next week for more Pin Picks. See you at the finish line!

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Outside the Box