Pin Picks Life After Graduation

Congratulations! You’ve hit your academic goals and are now now at a turning point in your life to make some big decisions. Graduation is trending on Pinterest and it seems like a lot of you are planning the next chapter.

But there’s no reason to be nervous about what’s in store for your future because in this week’s Pin Picks–and with a little help from our Pinners–we discover 5 ways to survive after graduation

Revive a resume - If you are looking for ways to brand yourself and show off your skills for the job market, Rick McCawley shows us a board with tips, tricks and templates on how to enhance your resume.

Set the stage - Public speaking can send all the butterflies in your gut into a frenzy, but Jake Shannon shows us how to bring out the confidence in any setting with ease, especially in a job interview.

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Rock an interview - When chatting face-to-face about new opportunities, Vera Chapmanshares ways to prep for all types of questions, have the best body language, and even wardrobe tips.

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Take the scenic route - Sometimes the best way to figure it out is to step away from it all. If you’re looking to find some new perspectives abroad, take some travel tips from Caz and Craig.

Dorm 101 - If the next stage is at college or a university, Lenora Ramsey shows us how to organize and coordinate a seamless education experience.

(Wildcard) Blow of some steam - If all else fails, pat yourself on the back and know you’ve come this far. Carrie Bispring shows us the key to figuring out the next steps is to first stop and celebrate every milestone.

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A huge congratulations to everyone looking forward to the next phase of their lives after academics. But even if you’re not graduating or in school, keep browsing Pinterest for more discovery ideas. And of course, tune in next week for more Pin Picks.

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny