Pin Picks Fire Pits and food

Explosive pyrotechnics. That’s usually the first thing that pops into our minds when we think about the Fourth of July. But there is another key component that can make or break the celebration—food. Read on to see how you can make your backyard BBQ even better.


Fire pits

Give your electric grill a break and gather the gang around a fire pit instead. Roast your favorite cookout grub, or just toast your toes after dark. It’s kind of like camping, but with clean, functioning bathrooms a few steps away.

Find instructions and design inspiration on these boards put together by pit-pros Dustin and Ron. Bonus if you build one by the Fourth of July.


When you’re planning your fire pit feast, think beyond marshmallows. Bacon cheese hot dogs, dutch oven Kentucky biscuits, campfire bananas—sounds pretty good, right? Well don’t just stand there, get cooking! Amy and Savanah dug up 90+ easy-to-make recipes on these boards.

Tip: Add sage to your fire pit to keep mosquitos and bugs away (thanks Oscar!).


—Amy Schaefer, Writer, currently Pinning to home.