A football on the grass.

The leaves crunching beneath your feet, the crisp brrr in the air…it can only mean one thing: FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE.

And we’ve got everything you need to pre-game for the big game. Tailgating hacks, winning ideas for the fan cave, face-melting wing recipes—you’ll find it all on Pinterest. Get even more pre-gaming tips in our Pin Picks.


Grab your jerseys

Suit up the the whole family, from Granddad “Hut One” Jerry all the way on down to the baby.


Rule the parking lot

Discover all the best tailgating hacks and how-tos.


Watch the game in style

Everything you need to trick out your #1 fan cave.


Grease is the word

Fiery hot nachos, sloppy joes, a pizza with everything…if it stains up your jersey, then you know it’s good for game time.


To beer is human

Celebrate the coin toss by cracking open a round of you-brewed suds.


Stay happy at halftime

When play stops, keep yourself entertained with some of football’s finest GIFs.