Pin Picks Memorial Day Cookout

It’s time to fire up the grill because Memorial Day recipes are trending on Pinterest and it seems a lot of you are looking for ways to get together and honor the men and women of our armed forces over a meal.

There are numerous Pins about how to get creative behind the grill in addition to traditional BBQ dishes. So for this week’s Pin Picks—and with a little help from our Pinners—we show you 5 ways to think outside the grill.

1. Pastry cookout
Light up the coals early in the morning if you’re looking for a real breakfast of champions.


2. A serious sandwich
Warning: gather these ingredients together and put it on the grill, but only if you want a taste bud explosion.


3. Vegetarian surprise
Don’t think tofu belongs on the grill? Just wait until you soak them in siracha sauce and toss them on the coals.


4. Open fire dessert
Forget traditional baking recipes and think outside the oven while consuming this classic cake.


5. Coals and cocktails
Add a grilled pineapple to a mojito to bring some serious tropical kick into your long weekend.

Are these pins too bizarre and unappealing? You can always switch gears and and put a simple twist on the classic dishes below:


*Burger bonanza
Get your stomach ready and celebrate the humble hamburger with gourmet toppings or traditional combinations.

*Deluxe Dogs
Spice up your bratwurst with ingredients you didn’t know belonged on a bun!

Here’s a refreshing combination of fun and healthy that’ll impress your guests with each crunch.


We thank the armed forces for their service and we hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. And if you run out of ideas, keep browsing Pinterest for more ways to give thanks. And of course, tune in next week for more Pin Picks.

—Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny