Pinners are turning to Pinterest for period proud inspiration


Pinners are turning to Pinterest for education on menstrual cycles and period products more than ever before and a recent global survey reveals why. Today, Pinterest is sharing results of a global survey focusing on how people feel about their menstrual cycles. 

The survey revealed people lack a full understanding about their menstrual cycles and feel embarrassed to discuss the topic broadly. Moreover, more than a third of respondents are keen to learn more about their menstrual cycles as it is a key pillar of their overall health and well-being. With menstrual cycles impacting a person's physical and mental health, it’s imperative all people are given the tools and resources to learn more. The survey results identified a fundamental need for access to information delivered in a positive and safe space where people can learn about period care and its impact on overall health.


Pinterest’s Mindful Menstruation survey reveals: 

  • A quarter of people who have periods admit they don’t understand their menstruation cycle
  • An overwhelming majority (68%) are eager to learn more about their menstrual cycles 
  • Among the Gen Z audiences (aged 18-24) are most interested in learning more about their periods and menstrual cycles with almost 80% reporting they want to educate themselves
  • 35% of people report to be embarrassed to talk about menstrual cycles and periods

Survey conducted by Opinium Research, surveying 1000 women aged 18-50 per country in UK, US, Canada, France, Germany and Japan

Pinterest has always been a positive and inspiring place where Pinners can go to find communities and topics they resonate with. Periods and menstrual cycles are no different. Pinterest has created a destination for Pinners seeking to learn more about menstrual cycles, period products and connect with creators who are having similar experiences. As part of our 2022 Pinterest Predicts report, we predicted that ‘Mindful Menstruation’ would be a trending topic in 2022. Pinners are turning to Pinterest more than ever before to talk and learn about period related topics. 

Below, we’ve rounded up trending search terms related to periods, the most helpful creator content and we’re sharing an article in Today’s Inspiration featuring some of the best period related products you can purchase on Pinterest.

Charting your course

Pinterest is a resource and destination for tips around learning about menstrual cycle phases with searches increasing for menstrual cycle chart (+95%), follicular phase (3x) and luteal phase (+96%)

As Pinners search for tips to manage period pain, searches for ‘period care’ are up over 9x and ‘period hacks for school’ are up 4x.

Creators on Pinterest are ready to inspire such as Comfy Girl With Curls who shares helpful period care tips and ways to learn more on why tracking your menstrual cycle is important.

“Pinterest creates a unique opportunity to educate my community in a creative and engaging manner. Menstruation is an incredibly subjective experience, and as women are becoming more empowered to share their experience, Pinners are seeking personal stories to connect with. Compelling visuals alongside text create impactful learning that hopefully inspires more openness to share the many aspects of menstruation.“ - Letitia Kiu, Pinterest Creator

Period products and more

Follow Letitia Kiu for ideas on your very own Period Go Bag and visit  Pinterest’s Today’s Inspiration feature to check out more content from creators, as well as a round up of some of the best period and menstrual products on Pinterest from brands like Thinx in the US and Modibodi in Australia among others.

“As much as we have progressed towards normalising menstruation, we still need to do more in our schools and in our media to remove the taboo. Platforms such as Pinterest offer a global opportunity to share menstrual educational resources and images, have open conversations on periods, and offer support, which all helps to normalise menstruation and remove the myths and taboos. Whether that’s through brands like Modibodi or through health experts and Pinners alike sharing information on menstrual cycles and menstruation in general, platforms such as Pinterest give menstruation a voice to a wide and diverse audience.” - Kristy Chong, Modibodi CEO & Founder



Pinterest internal search data; Global; January 22nd, 2022 to February 20th, 2022 vs January 22nd, 2021 to February 20th, 2021