Two kids eating smores.

If you’re looking for ways to save, we’ve teamed up with blogger Stacy of Kids Stuff Worldfor our next Twitter #Pinspiration chat.

This week’s theme is all about tips and tricks to help you save and we want to hear all about how you think about tightening budgets around the home, classroom and beyond. Tweet us your frugal living #Pinspiration tips to @Pinterest and @stacyofksw this Thursday, May 16th, between 10am-11am PST.

We’ll be talking about gardening hacks, backyard camping, home-cooked meals, activities with the kids, and many other thrifty ideas to pinch the pennies. We got a chance to chat with Stacy on how she evaluates budgets and uses Pinterest with a large family of five:

Stacy standing by fence

Hi Stacy, can you tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to start your website, Kids Stuff World?

Hi Guys!!! Wow, so excited to be here on the Pinterest blog today. Thanks for having me, I started Kids Stuff World while I was serving overseas. I was a new mom and for the first time I realized how far from home, friends and family I really was. Instead of arranging play-dates and attending baby showers, I was surrounded by single people living in dormitories and lots of testosterone. I needed to make some connections with people in the same life stage as me, and quick.

The idea of starting a blog was suggested to me by a combat unit while we were deployed to Africa. I still laugh picturing those sweet, burly guys helping me set up my mom site.


Can you share a few simple and easy frugal living tips for families?

My favorite tip for frugal living is growing your own food, even if it is just herbs and cherry tomatoes. Nothing feels more satisfying than going out in your backyard and harvesting food to feed your family. You’re not just saving money, but teaching your children a valuable life skill as well. Added bonus, it’s a fun activity the whole family can get involved in.

We make almost all of our meals at home. I love to cook and feeding a family of five is expensive no matter where you go. By doing the cooking myself we save a ton; I use Pinterest to find new recipes and create weekly meal plans. Over time, I have learned how to make up to 4 meals with just one rotisserie chicken. We save our vegetable scraps to make homemade broths, and other scraps to use as compost for our garden beds. Herbs are used in dishes as well as simmer pots on the stove to make our home smell wonderful. All of these things I have learned through posts I’ve found on Pinterest. I have an entire board dedicated to store bought things you can make from scratch (The Handmade Way). Right now, we’re developing our own household cleaners using essential oils and herbs from our garden.

I save money on family purchases by having set price limits in my head whenever we go out. I know how much I am willing to pay for my child’s clothing or even my own and no matter how much I love something, I won’t purchase anything until it comes into my price range. Even big ticket items, that’s why I love getting emails from Pinterest when a price drops.


You’ve started planning a fun and frugal summer in your “Making Plans for Summer” board. How has Pinterest helped you discover great ideas?

Yes, Making Plans for Summer, that’s one of my favorite boards! We aren’t taking a family vacation this year, and there’s no budget for summer camps, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have a memorable summer. A summer filled with homemade popsicles, ice cream, fresh-squeezed lemonade, sun tea and solar s'mores, all inspired by links I find on Pinterest. This year, I am most excited about backyard campouts, learning about astronomy, outdoor movie nights, there’s even talk of starting our own children’s book club, another awesome idea we found on Pinterest.

Perhaps the neatest thing for me is the relationships I have made with the people behind the Pins. Overtime, several of us have formed group boards, worked on projects together, become real friends, and even met in person. Pinterest isn’t just a place where I discover great ideas anymore; it’s where I connect. It’s that community I was looking for when I first started all of this.

Thanks for the feedback, Stacy. Don’t forget to join us on Twitter this Thursday and share your #Pinspiration with Stacy and the Pinterest team. Also, be sure to check out her website and Pinterest boards. See you Thursday morning!