Pinterest announces TwoTwenty, an experimental products team and in-house incubator

With thousands of experiments running weekly and the latest in computer vision and machine learning powering technology like camera search, inclusive products and live shopping, innovation is built into the Pinterest DNA. Today we’re officially announcing an extension of that spirit with a new team. Named after the address of the first Pinterest office, TwoTwenty is an incubator team made up of engineers, designers, and content and product experts dedicated to the rapid testing and launching of new ideas like Pinterest TV

introducing a new experiments team at Pinterest

Ideas come from across the company via Makeathons and a submission portal called Idea Factory. TwoTwenty then goes to work researching, prototyping and testing to identify features with traction. After experimentation, these incubation ideas are productionized at scale and handed off to other teams within the company.

TwoTwenty’s first exploration was with live-streamed creator events, which evolved based on creator and Pinner feedback to include features like rewatching and shopping product recommendations, which are now included in today’s version of Pinterest TV. As part of the effort, the team launched a virtual studio with producers who work directly with creators to develop content and go live on a “stage” in front of millions of Pinners.

"Much like a startup, the TwoTwenty engineering team is small and nimble and is set up to rapidly build new ideas and bring them to market quickly." — Steven Ramkumar, Engineering Lead for TwoTwenty

“With TwoTwenty, we prioritize a collaborative approach and accelerate ideas from employees around the company. With the resources of an established brand, we’re able to explore and invest in new solutions to help people find inspiration to live a life they love.” — David Temple, Product Lead for TwoTwenty

“TwoTwenty is where rapid innovation happens across disciplines, bringing the latest in technology together with emotional wellbeing to build products that complement people’s lives, rather than consume them.” — Meredith Arthur, Content Lead for TwoTwenty

TwoTwenty is looking for new team members. Learn more at two!