Pinterest Body Neutrality Report Shows Searches containing “weight loss” have decreased 20% since introducing Weight Loss Ad Ban

Pinterest Body Neutrality Report Shows Searches containing “weight loss” have decreased 20% since introducing Weight Loss Ad Ban

Pinterest is the place people come for inspiration to create a life they love. It’s where everyone belongs—regardless of body shape or size. At Pinterest, we strive to create a culture where healthy living and healthy body image can thrive, which is why beginning July 2021 we updated our ad policies to prohibit all ads with weight loss language and imagery. This was an expansion of our ads policies that prohibited body shaming and weight loss products or claims. The expanded policy made Pinterest one of the first major platforms to prohibit all weight loss ads. 

As we navigate through the summer, a time where conversations around body image are on the rise, a year after our weight loss ad ban policy, we reviewed how it may have influenced and shifted these conversations on Pinterest. Our analysis of Pinner behavior around healthy living and healthy lifestyles revealed that global searches containing the search term “weight loss” have decreased by 20% in May 2022 compared to July 2021. Instead, Pinners are coming to Pinterest to discover ideas that inspire healthy habits, especially those related to healthy diet. Searches for “quick and healthy meals” were 65X greater and “healthy food motivation” increased by 13X during mid-April to mid-May 2022 compared to the year prior.

”When we implemented our weight loss ad ban a year ago, our hope was to continue building our platform as a safe and welcoming environment where all Pinners feel free to be who they are regardless of body shape or size. Now a year later, we are seeing a positive response from users, demonstrating the true impact such a policy can have on online behaviors and perceptions. We will continue to support and protect our users from harmful information or content that does not align with our mission and values.”

Sarah Bromma, Head of Policy at Pinterest

To fulfill our mission, we’re committed to not only serve inspiring content, but also to identify and prevent harmful content including misinformation, hate speech and others. Doing this is important to us as a company, for our users and for the brands that we host. We encourage others in the industry to do the same and acknowledge, once and for all, that there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all.   

As a place to get inspiration and plan for life’s moments, Pinterest has always been a positive place, with nearly 9 in 10 weekly Pinners saying that Pinterest is an online oasis. Searches for “positive quotes lockscreen” increased by 3 times, while “emotional awareness” searches increased by 22 times. 

Our goal is for people to come to be inspired to live a life they love, and weight loss ads are a distraction. Pinterest believes in a more inspired internet, which means intentionally creating product solutions like compassionate search  and policies like removing weight loss ads to ensure we are continuously working towards and maintaining a safe, and positive environment for our Pinners. 

"As a creator, Pinterest has been a constant in my personal well-being journey. As I've grown, my Pinterest community has grown too - and within that growth, I’ve seen a larger shift in how Pinners, as well as my clients, are responding to health overall. The days we used to focus on meeting external beauty standards are being replaced by the practice of self-acceptance, compassion, and grace. And over the last year, Pinterest’s weight loss ad ban has cultivated an environment for that shift to occur with more ease on the platform."

- Nory Pouncil, Pinterest Creator

Searches around healthy habits and body positivity are on the rise as Pinners reshape conversations around self-confidence, mental wellness, and well-being.  

Tips for improving self-confidence

  • “how to change your mindset” searches increased by  +50%
  • “how to become more confident “searches increased by  +32%
  • “positive self affirmations” searches increased by  5X
  • “loving myself searches” increased by  +36%
  • “accept your body quotes” searches increased by  3X
  • “body positivity searches” increased by  2X

Art and photography ideas to embrace body positivity

  • “body positive photography aesthetic” searches increased by  7X
  • “body positive line art” searches increased by 5X

Exploring images that represent ourselves

  • “curvy body reference” searches increased by  5X
  • “curvy modeling” searches increased by  3X
  • “androgynous body type” searches increased by  +57%