Pinterest defies self doubt in newest global brand campaign, “Don’t Don’t Yourself”

Pinterest Don't Don't Yourself

Fear of failure. Judgment. Doomscrolling. Procrastination. Inner critic. Too much of the world distracts us, makes us doubt ourselves and makes us think we’ll be laughed at if we try. But nothing silences a saboteur like the simple act of doing

Pinterest’s latest brand campaign exposes the inner saboteurs that hold us back and highlights how Pinterest is the antidote to doubt. “Don’t Don’t Yourself” is the mantra at the heart of this new campaign, emphasizing the belief that the act of doing can help silence those feelings of fear and self-censorship that can sometimes hold us back. This new campaign takes on those critics, defying the "don'ts'' directly with the energy and positivity of "do.” Pinterest knocks down barriers and encourages people to create a life they love. Launching today, this campaign will run in the US, UK and Germany across TV, Cinema, VOD, OOH, DOOH, social and media partnerships.

Andréa Mallard, CMO Pinterest

“We spend up to half of our waking time online, but more than ever, people say being online makes them feel disconnected from themselves and their interests,” says Andréa Mallard, Pinterest CMO. “Our latest campaign highlights how Pinterest is a different side of the Internet, where you can focus more on doing and less on viewing, where you can find what you love and forget about likes and where you can plan your life and try something new, free of judgment.”

Pinterest Don't Don't Yourself

Developed in partnership with award-winning UK creative studio, Uncommon, the campaign introduces Pinterest as the inspiring anti-don’t where people go to do.. The complementary media strategy was developed in partnership with global media agency Mediahub. The integrated campaign features:

  • Five films to run across TV, cinema and streaming in the US, UK and Germany. The single-take cinematic films are shot by acclaimed director Kim Gehrig, who has risen to the top as a director in commercials and music videos, winning awards including Cannes Lions and a UKMVA music video award. The film series showcases five different saboteurs from “Inner Critic” to “Fear of Failure” to “Doomscrolling,” and how Pinterest helps us overcome them and get on with creating a life we love, through the simple act of doing. 
  • An evocative series of OOH, digital ads and made-for-social films that highlight the “don’ts” our saboteurs tell us while showing the power of Pinterest to help us overcome them. With key locations taking over major city locations in the US, UK and Germany from Penn Station in New York to Waterloo Station in London.
  • Media partnerships that springboard off of cultural moments, championing the role of creators in overcoming our don’ts and finding our do’s.

Lucy Jameson, Co-founder at Uncommon

“At Uncommon, we want brands to play their part in the biggest conversations in our society. One of those ‘big conversations’ is about the toxicity of much of the internet and what to do about it. Pinterest can help, by providing an antidote to so many of the ills of social media. It’s commonly known as the positive side of the internet. Because, instead of being all about image and comparison; it’s about ideas and creativity. It’s a community and an algorithm built around doing, not judging. Our first campaign is the opening chapter in a story which shows just how different Pinterest is from other platforms. We’re so proud to partner with them.”