Pinclusion in action: Pinterest H1 2022 I&D Update

Pinclusion in action: Pinterest H1 2022 I&D Update

Pinclusion in action

Pinclusion: the creation of an inclusive culture where Pinployees flourish through representation and belonging, where Pinners thrive with inspiration and where Pinterest grows through innovation.

Since publishing our 2021 Inclusion & Diversity Report earlier this year, we’ve continued advancing our commitments and bringing our Pinclusion strategy to life. Ahead of our next annual report which will come out early next year, we want to share an update on our I&D efforts for the first half of 2022 with the goal of highlighting the progress we’ve made in the implementation of our I&D goals. Our strategy has particularly focused on capturing the diverse representation of our workforce, building an inclusive culture, and creating belonging through our product.

“At the start of 2022, we applied a fresh lens to our I&D strategy to ensure our global community of Pinployees, Pinners, Creators, and partners know they can count on Pinterest to do what’s right. Through our ‘Pinclusion’ philosophy, we will continue our efforts to achieve equal access and opportunity for everyone who joins our workforce, visits our platform, or collaborates with us to advance a shared goal. 

I&D is hard work and requires intentionality. This update is meant to reflect our continued collaboration with our stakeholders, while also acknowledging that I&D is a journey, not a destination. We will continue to identify opportunities to improve our efforts and engage transparently along the way.”

– Nichole Barnes Marshall (she/her/hers), Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Pinterest

Expanding Pinployee representation

Last year we updated the way we report our global workforce demographics to reflect the various identities of our Pinployees (employees) with greater specificity, and to honor the diversity within traditionally underrepresented and marginalized communities. Where we can, we will continue to expand on the identities our employees feel represent them best as well as expand our data collection to be more global in nature. These include the following categories: gender identity, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran and caregiver status.

We are also focused on the continued development, retention, and advancement of our female talent. Employees who self-identify as women now make up more than 50% of our workforce, and in H1 2022 we met our 2025 women in leadership goal (36%). We are encouraged by our efforts and will reveal a new goal for this metric in our next I&D report. 

To build on our progress, we are launching CNEXT's Accelerate program, an 18-month leadership development program that brings together high-potential emerging leaders from Fortune 100+ companies, former Fortune-ranked CEOs, executives from founding partner companies, and best-in-class practitioners to diversify our executive pipeline. As a founding partner, Pinterest's executive team selected 10 rising leaders to go through CNEXT's curriculum, consisting of workshops around Leadership, Personal Impact, and Enterprise Excellence. There is also an Inclusive Managers series to engage the participants' direct managers.

"Pinterest has implemented DEI initiatives that make a meaningful impact on its employees and users," said Cheryl Stokes, CEO of CNEXT. "Joining this movement to accelerate development and advancement for people from diverse and underrepresented communities is aligned to who they are and how they show up for their constituents."

Pay equity

We are committed to maintaining pay equity across gender and race. This means equal pay for comparable work. Twice a year, we analyze compensation and make adjustments when necessary to continue to stand by this important commitment.

Pinclusion & Pinspiration Groups

Pinterest has a robust network of employee-led groups that create a work environment where everyone can experience a sense of connection and togetherness. These groups represent the best part of our culture and allows Pinployees to bring their whole selves to work so that they can move from inspiration to realization in areas they are passionate about.

To continue improving the support, operating model, and global expansion of our employee-led groups, we are restructuring them into two categories:

  • Pinclusion Groups. Formerly known as Pinterest Communities, these groups provide community, support, advocacy and programming around identity-based issues and interests. To acknowledge the value Pinclusion Groups bring to our culture and the extra work they take on to help us be a better company, we compensate group co-chairs at the end of the year to thank them for their time and contributions. Also, throughout the year group co-chairs and leaders have access to professional development opportunities focused on career development and advancement. 
  • Pinspiration Groups. Newly created, these groups provide space for discussion, advocacy and programming, centered on a common cause that ties back to a business priority. Our inaugural Pinspiration Groups include Pinside Out (our emotional well-being community) and PinPlanet (our planet-focused community).

Blackboard – the Pinclusion Group for Black employees and allies – held its 2nd annual Bloom Conference,​​ an internal event to come together and gain tangible tools and inspirational advice for excelling professionally and personally.Blackboard – the Pinclusion Group for Black employees and allies – held its 2nd annual Bloom Conference,​​ an internal event to come together and gain tangible tools and inspirational advice for excelling professionally and personally.

Expanding gender inclusion

At Pinterest, we respect all gender identities and expressions. To advance gender-based inclusion and support of women, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming employees, we are making continued improvements to our digital workplace by making it easier for employees to share their most affirming gender pronouns and names across our suite of communications tools, such as Workday, Slack, and Google Workspace. Additionally, we are working with the Transgender Training Institute (TTI) to offer live and on-demand learning resources in multiple languages that provide all employees with foundational knowledge and actionable strategies to create and practice belonging at Pinterest.

A Look Ahead

To make Pinterest a place and platform where people feel inspired and recognized, we will continue to collaborate with thought leaders, organizations and experts from multiple industries representing the communities we seek to inspire. We will continue to lean on the support of our Pinterest Inclusion Advisory Council, launched in 2020 with whom we meet twice a year, and the Inclusion Insiders Council, launched a year later with whom we meet quarterly, to offer direct guidance and thought partnership on the direction of our I&D strategy. During H1 2022, the Inclusion Advisory Council met with the Pinterest Executive leadership and Community leadership to review research and best practices from their relative areas of expertise such as: product development, refinement of demographic data within the company, recruiting process, onboarding and retention initiatives.

“There are incredible leaders at Pinterest doing the important work of ensuring that inclusion and diversity are embedded in every aspect of their work, both on and off the platform. As a result, this work has taken many forms, and Pinterest has approached all of these efforts with the thoughtfulness and intentionality it deserves" said Joshua DuBois, CEO of Values Partnerships, an Inclusion Advisory Council member.

As we approach the final quarter of 2022, we look forward to closing the year with solid progress toward our goals and ensuring our I&D practices stretch across our global network and footprint. We will be sharing a detailed look at I&D at Pinterest in our next full report in 2023, and hope this update sheds a light on what’s new in our journey as we continue on our mission to bring everyone the inspiration they need to create a life they love.