Pinterest hosts first-ever global day of service

Pinterest Global Day of Service 2022

At Pinterest, our mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. We strive to create a safe, inclusive and positive environment on the internet. On April 22, Pinterest is taking these efforts offline with our first-ever company-wide day of service. Led by Pinterest’s Social Impact and Philanthropy team, the day will commemorate National Volunteer Week in the US and Earth Day around the globe as Pinterest employees work together to benefit their local communities. 

“We’re thrilled that Pinterest employees around the world will be coming together for our first-ever day of service. The alignment between Earth Day and National Volunteer Week struck us as a powerful moment- one during which it made sense to explore how Pinterest can, even offline, contribute to the communities in which our staff live and work. Pinterest continues to look for new opportunities to reinforce our core values and think through the ways – be they online through our platform or offline through volunteerism and other forms of civic engagement – that we can advance our core social commitments as a company.” - Ari Simon, Head of Social Impact and Philanthropy at Pinterest.

Our service work will be done in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, a global nonprofit organization supported by Pinterest that is committed to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, for all people. We’ll be teaming up to organize localized beach, lake and neighborhood cleanups in multiple regions where Pinterest employees reside around the world. Remote employees can participate and record their impact through the Surfrider Foundation’s online cleanup database. 

“As a company with values closely tied to Surfrider’s work, we are thrilled to have Pinterest employees join our efforts to reduce trash and plastic on our coasts and in the natural environment, in communities around the country. Growing the number of people involved is critical to protect the places we love. We are encouraged by the enthusiasm and commitment we see demonstrated by Pinterest and look forward to a productive partnership.” - Dr. Chad Nelsen, CEO, Surfrider Foundation. 

Inspire a better future on our platform 

We’ve partnered with creators Christine Lan, Jessie Stokes, Caitlin Shoemaker, Eco-Anxious and Hannah Tizedes to host Earth Day themed Pinterest TV programming. Starting at 12pm PT creators will share tips for how to incorporate more sustainability practices into their everyday routines — from a step-by-step guide to creating your own sustainable body balm to cooking sustainable and delicious vegan recipes. In Australia, Hello Emilie and will launch their first-ever Creator Originals series with sustainability focussed Idea Pins. Pinterest will also have a full slate of Earth Day-related content on our Today’s Inspiration tab to honor the day and our planet.

These efforts build upon an earlier initiative by Pinterest to build a more sustainable world by promoting greener, more climate friendly information online through a new, more expansive climate misinformation policy.